October 9, 2012

being a dog momma

recently, the same little furry face has been streamed on my instagram page.  you may recognize him, his name is moose.  and like i said in my earlier post, my decision to adopt moose-boy made me grow up pretty fast.  i mean, this dog is like a baby that will never grow up.  he will always need me to take him to the bathroom, feed him, play with him, and (my favorite) hold him.  but i've found myself treating him like my very own child, worrying about him when i'm away, asking my mom for advice, and i've had to learn what spray n' wash is due to his little messes here and there.  but he is the perfect companion!! i love his ears when they perk up, i love that he is so bad he's cute, i love that he tries so hard to be the big guard dog, i love to have a friend that jumps almost 4 feet in the air to greet me everyday but most of all, i love that we help each other out.  little moose is reason number 1 that life is never going to be the same, but in the heart-warming way.

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  1. I think it's time you blogged again Mackenzie, I miss reading your lovely content!!!! :)