so at this point you might be wondering how i got here.  well i started a blog called mnp creations almost a year ago.  it was my first blog and it started to be a place where i could log my inspirations and creations.  this was nice but recently i was looking for something more personal.  this lead me to really reflect on my first blog and consider what i truly wanted out of a new blog, should i wish to start a new one.  after much thought and consideration, i realized that my life has much more to offer than others' projects and my inspirations.  i sing, write, and love music.  i strive to be unique through my style.  i am an artist who loves to take pictures.  i own an etsy shop for vintage finds and i love antiquing on saturday mornings. i live a life according to God and each and every day i grow closer to him.  i crochet and knit and love to do crafts and DIY projects.  i am a an older sister and a daughter and a woman.  i love design and decorating spaces.  i am constantly coming up with new ideas and struggle to actually get them from my brain to paper.  i am full of life.  i am me in every which way, and this blog is where i am gonna write it all down for the world.  so feel free to tell me stories, inspirations, and projects too.  i don't want to be alone!