April 30, 2012

life according to my iPhone

hole-y TOMS & caramel cake
my sister has an iPhone & i have a new case!!
spring pattern & more pattern
blade warp-age & album artwork
devo time & work hair
more air time & more TOMS
in home barista: i love you mom!! & sweats + smart glasses = the start of finals week!!

April 27, 2012

friday thoughts

-doodling is a productive way to end the semester-
- jeeze-lah-weeze! class today + homework due today & during finals week = not cool
- use birthday money to buy a bass then learn to play it... it's sounding more attractive the more i think it
- photo shoot anyone cause i'm in the mood
- statistics will be the death of me
- my sister!! she's twelve as of wednesday!! whoohoo!!
- astronomy class is like the peanut kids in school... wah wah wah wah waaaahhh!!
- come on summer!!
- the men in one direction are hotties with bodies!
- a motorcycle parking pass is more affordable than a car parking pass... get a two-wheeler & license soon!!
- the disqus comments are on the way out & i'm going to try to keep all of your lovely comments, but if i mess something up i sincerely apologize!! :(
- the list of things to "clean-up" on my blog is getting longer, but i can do this!! :)

as you can see i'm all over the place, but it's friday guys!!!

April 26, 2012


{frustration, realization, genius}

-  realizing that you haven't responded to the "other" messages on facebook that have been there for over 3 months
- walking into a store & realizing you can't afford anything, but continuing to browse like you own the world
- learning to work in the back at a fast food restaurant... ohhh the pressure!!
- trying your hardest to get out of someones way but then ending up right in their way
- the redbox line

- an A in accounting after a mediocre effort, that class was cake
- mcdonald's chicken nuggets, it's been awhile but dang those things are good
- scouting vintage shops with jessica & kacie!!
- the song "somebody that i used to know" by gotye!  it has seriously been stuck in my head for 2 weeks!
-feeling like a complete genius after figuring out html!! good riddens you ugly picture borders & FINALLY a centered post title!!!
- music gig season kicking back up... bring it on summer time!!!

April 25, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry # 6

be bold in christ

"Evil people run even though no one is chasing them, but good people are as brave as a lion!"
- Proverbs 28:1
this week, i challenge you to be bold.  be bold in your faith.  reach out to others.  do not run from His plans for you.  dare to dream.  step out & and show Him that you are ready to take on whatever life brings at you.  for with him everything is possible & there is nothing that can slow you down.  this is some advice i've been needing lately, so i'm challenging myself as much as i'm challenging you!  i need to take risks, my relationship with God has become static, & i'm sick of it!! so this is my theme for this week!
happy wordy wednesday & think bold!

April 23, 2012

life according to my iPhone

so my friend, jessica, does this post almost every monday and i have fallen for the darn thing! i love the format and i love looking at pics from other peoples lives, so i'm going to start sharing mine too on a more frequent basis!!
my blend & correcting the cup
retro chic geek & the roommate passing out after work
necklace & brooch love
new air freshener & the best steak sauce ever
the dream moped & photoshoot with jessica

April 20, 2012


two prints.  two looks.  but one shirt.

this shirt obviously has two prints.  but the sad thing was that i really wanted to wear the stripped pattern today instead of the awesome paisley looking pattern.  the bad news was that the stripe side was the inside of the shirt.  so, i did the logical thing and wore my shirt inside out today! lol.  but now that i am bold enough, i now have two completely different looks with one shirt!!!

have a good friday & a spectacular weekend everyone!!

April 18, 2012

wordy wednesday entry #5: He Weeps

this week wordy wednesday is coming straight from the lyrics of a song from one of my favorite bands.

where is God when the rain falls
and takes the car off the road
is He standing in the storm?

where is God when the child cries
and no one bends to pick her up
could someone tell me what He does?

He weeps, He weeps with you
He weeps with me
when i'm on my knees
and i taste defeat
He weeps, He weeps

where is God when she won't eat
when her bones start to show
is He there when she's lost control
where is God when a father
turns his back on his son
can someone tell me what He does?

He weeps, He weeps with you
He weeps with me
when i'm on my knees
and i taste defeat
He weeps, He weeps

if today is your darkest day
and you can't escape the pain
don't be afraid
He will never walk away

He weeps, He weeps with you
He weeps with me
when you're on your knees
and you taste defeat
He weeps, He weeps
He weeps with you
He weeps with me
when you're on your knees
and you taste defeat
He weeps, He weeps
listen.  hear Him.  and know that He is with you!

April 13, 2012

a look at my friday the 13...

you know they always say that friday the 13 is suppose to be unlucky & a day of spooks...

i successfully slept in until 10.
ate breakfast at starbuck's {my fav}.
went to target checked out their summer collection & picked up a movie or two.
i watched chris hemsworth in Thor.
i only have 1, 1 hour class, in which i do absolutely nothing but get ahead on homework and blog.

i have planned an amazing weekend, which hopefully i will get to share with you lovely people next week.

so i'm loving life right now!! friday the 13th? bah hum bug

happy weekend!

April 12, 2012

awkward & awesome

- basically falling into wonderland when plopping into an unsupported loveseat at starbuck's {really there should have been some sort of warning!!}
- being that person in a group that the teacher looks to for answers
- not having any recent pictures of myself to put on here {this one is from last fall lol}
- figuring out the complex parking structures of the University of Kentucky
- finding places for everything in your new wallet & purse
- remembering where you put things in your new wallet & purse
- not knowing what the bank tellers see on their TV screens when i'm completing a transaction
- talking to a stranger through the windows of our cars in the middle of traffic, "hey... hey... hey girl... i bet ALL yo' friends jealous 'cuz yo' hair look so good!"... um thanks but really?

- having no exams this week
- being through with my accounting class a good two weeks before classes actually end
- getting the schedule for this summer & next semester on the first try
- possibly having 2 jobs this summer!! wha?!
- the Hunger Games soundtrack: a perfect blend of vintage country & indie rock
- reading others' blogs!! i usually don't have time to actually read others' blogs but this week i did... i was impressed guys!! keep up the good work!! i'll be back soon!!  :)
- ghost whisperer... one of my favs
- and hey it's almost friday!!

happy a&a thursday!!

April 11, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #4

so i was doing my devotional last week about prayer & the verse was "pray continually."  i thought," well that was kind of lame and uneventful" so i clicked the "read entire passage" button & found verse gold!! i made this little picture above & i love it so much i've decide to either print this out or paint these verses on something!!  this is how i should live!

anyways about prayer...

Joyce Meyer is brilliant.  i needed a reminder about what it means to pray continually.  praying doesn't have to be a formal thing!!  when i was a freshman in college, i remember before i would walk out the door i would whisper a prayer for safety.  i know it doesn't sound like much, but it not only let God know that i was worried but it reminded me that everything was okay because the big guy upstairs was looking after me!

i challenge you to pray continually!!!  it helps... A LOT!!

grace. peace. & have a prayer filled wednesday!!

April 10, 2012


... take you places
... come in all shapes & sizes
... have their own personality
... collect a little piece of everywhere you go
... have a different perspective on the world
... make feet happy
... make feet want to kill themselves
... have gentle conversations with matching outfits
... love to be noticed
... HATE gum {i can't blame them}
... put smiles on faces
... are my favorite accessory!!!

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

i hope everyone had a great Easter!! here's what mine looked like...

sunday best & easter dress
southern cookin'
chocolate pie
an easter hedgehog for my gal
letting my sister drive
then a little afternoon ride

hauling some branches, skipping some rocks, and chilling by the creek

with love,