April 27, 2012

friday thoughts

-doodling is a productive way to end the semester-
- jeeze-lah-weeze! class today + homework due today & during finals week = not cool
- use birthday money to buy a bass then learn to play it... it's sounding more attractive the more i think it
- photo shoot anyone cause i'm in the mood
- statistics will be the death of me
- my sister!! she's twelve as of wednesday!! whoohoo!!
- astronomy class is like the peanut kids in school... wah wah wah wah waaaahhh!!
- come on summer!!
- the men in one direction are hotties with bodies!
- a motorcycle parking pass is more affordable than a car parking pass... get a two-wheeler & license soon!!
- the disqus comments are on the way out & i'm going to try to keep all of your lovely comments, but if i mess something up i sincerely apologize!! :(
- the list of things to "clean-up" on my blog is getting longer, but i can do this!! :)

as you can see i'm all over the place, but it's friday guys!!!

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