April 12, 2012

awkward & awesome

- basically falling into wonderland when plopping into an unsupported loveseat at starbuck's {really there should have been some sort of warning!!}
- being that person in a group that the teacher looks to for answers
- not having any recent pictures of myself to put on here {this one is from last fall lol}
- figuring out the complex parking structures of the University of Kentucky
- finding places for everything in your new wallet & purse
- remembering where you put things in your new wallet & purse
- not knowing what the bank tellers see on their TV screens when i'm completing a transaction
- talking to a stranger through the windows of our cars in the middle of traffic, "hey... hey... hey girl... i bet ALL yo' friends jealous 'cuz yo' hair look so good!"... um thanks but really?

- having no exams this week
- being through with my accounting class a good two weeks before classes actually end
- getting the schedule for this summer & next semester on the first try
- possibly having 2 jobs this summer!! wha?!
- the Hunger Games soundtrack: a perfect blend of vintage country & indie rock
- reading others' blogs!! i usually don't have time to actually read others' blogs but this week i did... i was impressed guys!! keep up the good work!! i'll be back soon!!  :)
- ghost whisperer... one of my favs
- and hey it's almost friday!!

happy a&a thursday!!


  1. that's so funny that some girl commented on your hair through the window! so cute :)
    and you're already done with your accounting class? i'm so jealous!

  2. oh i forgot to mention it was an old guy!! lol that was the funniest part and i left it out!!! and jessica you are going to be finished with school period in 3 weeks so i'm the more jealous one lol ;)