April 25, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry # 6

be bold in christ

"Evil people run even though no one is chasing them, but good people are as brave as a lion!"
- Proverbs 28:1
this week, i challenge you to be bold.  be bold in your faith.  reach out to others.  do not run from His plans for you.  dare to dream.  step out & and show Him that you are ready to take on whatever life brings at you.  for with him everything is possible & there is nothing that can slow you down.  this is some advice i've been needing lately, so i'm challenging myself as much as i'm challenging you!  i need to take risks, my relationship with God has become static, & i'm sick of it!! so this is my theme for this week!
happy wordy wednesday & think bold!

1 comment:

  1. I really love that verse, I had never heard it before! Thanks for sharing!
    And best wishes for you and being bold and stepping out in faith, I'm sure you will do many amazing things! :)