July 31, 2012


meet the cutest, most expensive, time consuming, loyal, loving, cuddly, scariest, joyful and playful little guy i've ever seen!

for the first time ever, i have adopted my very own doggie friend! his name is moose, and here is how he came into my life!

i have always wanted to adopt a dog but never had the guts to do it. During hours of browsing every pet finder add within 100 miles of my appartment, those furry and floppy ears caught my eye. the next day i HAD to go see him, who was "Atlas" at the time. but to my disappointment he was not at the shelter, so i asked about "Atlas" and found out that he hadn't been adopted but had been moved to a satellite shelter in a Petsmart across town. i didn't have the time to go across town, so i thought that was a sign.

i decided that the sign was silly, so the next morning i went with my mom and my sister to go see him at his Petsmart location. i fell for him as soon as he hopped up in my lap. but i was unable to take him home because of work scheduling conflicts and because of analyzing, second guessing personality. i was going to get the next morning but during a sleepless i had convinced myself that i wasn't good enough for this deserving dog.

i had a hold on him, so i lifted it. i cried so hard after that phone call. i realized that this was the dog for me. the next morning, i called the shelter and told them i would be there to pick him up that day and they said that if he got adopted before i got there, there would be nothing they could do. so after work, i sped and weaved through traffic, parked, and practically ran into Petsmart and back to his kennel. i was so frazzled and excited and scared. but soon after paying the adoption fee and signing what felt like 15 billion papers (i know i killed a tree), this little fuzz ball was mine!

after that there was the buying of crates, gates, a collar & leash, food, toys, and treats. i got him home and he has been one of the best decisions i ever made! no price tag could be put on him!

the hardest things have been not knowing much about him, and choosing his name. when adopting him, all i knew was that e was supposedly a 3 year old miniature poodle that was found on the streets under a car weighing about 5 pounds. and the name choice was a very laboring ordeal that strung out for 3 days but i think it turned out ok.

so now you've seen the latest development in my life! what's your pet story?? i'd love to hear it!

July 11, 2012

future planning & present procrastinating

{picture taken by mackenzie phillips}
 for some reason my thoughts have been consumed by all the things i'm going to do when i graduate college.  get a dog.  get a house.  maybe buy a new (used) car.  but all of these things require money.  when i reach this part of the fantasy, it makes me scared.  in this not so distant future, i have absolutely no idea what occupation will pay the bills.  i know what i think would be perfect for me and then i second guess myself because ultimately i'm not the one that will be deciding, God will.  i need to get over the fact that God will work this out and NOT me.

what i'm secretly thinking about this week, has been interrupted repeatedly by what i should be focusing on, reality.  2 assignments due friday, an exam sunday, the youth camp video that is being presented sunday, leading worship at my church sunday, working all week, our church's VBS, the upcoming fair that i am suppose to be helping with, my mother being stressed and the absolutely nothing that i can do about it.  the list goes on & on.  one of my great friends once told me to not get caught up in the future so as to miss the present.  she's probably reading this, so i thank you friend.  i need to stop procrastinating on the tasks that need me now rather than dwell on future blessing and worries that may never come to pass.

prayers gladly accepted for the "mackenzie needs to get through her present life" reality check!

July 6, 2012

shoe box organizing

so the ladder part of my day has consisted of organizing!  is anyone else a receipt and bill keeper?  all of my receipts, check stubs, and paid bills find random places in my apartment to rest, which ends in large towers of papers everywhere!  so to say, "i've had enough" to the all of the papers in my life, i decided to put my shoe boxes to good use!

all you need is:
- some sharpies
- white index cards
- larger colorful index cards {for the backgrounds}
- staples
- tape
- paper clips {for the month labels inside}
- & some cute adhesive labels

i was determined not to go to the store, so most of this stuff i had laying around my house.  but i had fun organizing, this is going to make my room look so much better!  this is SO easy and WAY more affordable than buying those filing thingies at the office supply stores.

happy friday guys!

July 3, 2012

youth camp according to my iPhone

my view for 14 hours ... pranking kacie with the creepy sun face ... destin, florida

the girls ... bow on guitar!! amazing!! ... saving seats because even nice people are vicious

that large hat was my friend as well as it's wearer ... sandy feet ... and pool time

another one of our youth! ... the gulf ... my DIY pick guard, which has nothing to do with camp!

the area1 camp is always a blast! we worshiped with Cloverton, had meaningful discussions with Harris III {the christian illusionist, look him up right NOW!}, and had amazing fellowship with each other in the beautiful Destin, Florida! more with what happened at camp coming soon!!