July 6, 2012

shoe box organizing

so the ladder part of my day has consisted of organizing!  is anyone else a receipt and bill keeper?  all of my receipts, check stubs, and paid bills find random places in my apartment to rest, which ends in large towers of papers everywhere!  so to say, "i've had enough" to the all of the papers in my life, i decided to put my shoe boxes to good use!

all you need is:
- some sharpies
- white index cards
- larger colorful index cards {for the backgrounds}
- staples
- tape
- paper clips {for the month labels inside}
- & some cute adhesive labels

i was determined not to go to the store, so most of this stuff i had laying around my house.  but i had fun organizing, this is going to make my room look so much better!  this is SO easy and WAY more affordable than buying those filing thingies at the office supply stores.

happy friday guys!


  1. I've never seen such a cheerful container to hold bills before, but it may make paying them a little less painful. Such a cute idea.


  2. So clever! I need to get organizing!!

  3. thanks guys!! i'm glad to know you liked it! And aspiringkennedy, i'm sure about the paying part but i sure love clipping the right bill to the appropriate month! lol :)