July 31, 2012


meet the cutest, most expensive, time consuming, loyal, loving, cuddly, scariest, joyful and playful little guy i've ever seen!

for the first time ever, i have adopted my very own doggie friend! his name is moose, and here is how he came into my life!

i have always wanted to adopt a dog but never had the guts to do it. During hours of browsing every pet finder add within 100 miles of my appartment, those furry and floppy ears caught my eye. the next day i HAD to go see him, who was "Atlas" at the time. but to my disappointment he was not at the shelter, so i asked about "Atlas" and found out that he hadn't been adopted but had been moved to a satellite shelter in a Petsmart across town. i didn't have the time to go across town, so i thought that was a sign.

i decided that the sign was silly, so the next morning i went with my mom and my sister to go see him at his Petsmart location. i fell for him as soon as he hopped up in my lap. but i was unable to take him home because of work scheduling conflicts and because of analyzing, second guessing personality. i was going to get the next morning but during a sleepless i had convinced myself that i wasn't good enough for this deserving dog.

i had a hold on him, so i lifted it. i cried so hard after that phone call. i realized that this was the dog for me. the next morning, i called the shelter and told them i would be there to pick him up that day and they said that if he got adopted before i got there, there would be nothing they could do. so after work, i sped and weaved through traffic, parked, and practically ran into Petsmart and back to his kennel. i was so frazzled and excited and scared. but soon after paying the adoption fee and signing what felt like 15 billion papers (i know i killed a tree), this little fuzz ball was mine!

after that there was the buying of crates, gates, a collar & leash, food, toys, and treats. i got him home and he has been one of the best decisions i ever made! no price tag could be put on him!

the hardest things have been not knowing much about him, and choosing his name. when adopting him, all i knew was that e was supposedly a 3 year old miniature poodle that was found on the streets under a car weighing about 5 pounds. and the name choice was a very laboring ordeal that strung out for 3 days but i think it turned out ok.

so now you've seen the latest development in my life! what's your pet story?? i'd love to hear it!

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