January 31, 2012

my collection obsession

i've come to the conclusion that there is no possible way that i could show you ALL of my owls.  my sister counted them one time and i think she managed to get to 65 and then stopped trying.  and my collection has grown since then... so it's really become an obsession!!  i'm going to post some tips to collecting soon but first i thought it would be appropriate to show you my collection first!   :)

because my room is so small and this is the only place i can display my owls, they kind of have taken over my room!
{my headboard} 
{right tower of my bed}
{left tower of my bed}

{wall display}
{my owl jewelry & umbrella stand that i use for a trash can}
so here is just a peek of my collection obsession!  i can't help that i'm obsessed but now you know yet another trait of my personality {idk if it's a good or bad thing yet lol}!  i've had to give you glimpses but i'm sure i will use more of my owls in my demonstrations for my tips on collecting and as props for future posts.  i can't wait to start writing what i've learned about collecting and such!!

i hope you enjoyed this post it was fun to write and to take pictures for!!

January 30, 2012

a step in the right direction

this past weekend i went shopping.  my goals were to find pieces that were functional, colorful, could be re-styled, and could work in multiple seasons.  i went to francesca's and found the skirt and print dress.  i had some gift cards, so i'm glad i got to put them to good use!

{printed dress & skirt: francesca's; tights: my sister's drawer -she's 12 and i don't really understand how i fit in them- }
then a few weeks ago, i found these amazing tan pattern leather shoes at target!

so these are my closet additions for this month!  i'm glad i'm starting to put one foot in front of the other when it comes to crossing things off my 2012 list, although i'm pretty sure more closet additions will come as the year goes on!  :)

until then,

January 27, 2012

why i need photoshop

{by me}

dear self,

you love photoshop.  remember when you took that class freshman year about the "in's" and "out's" photoshop?  yea well, you LOVED it!! & you would really be better off reunited with this program of awesomeness.  you would use it for everyday photo editing and when you create magical landscapes like the one above!  there is no hope for you.  so start saving now!!


January 26, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

you may ask "what are you doing?" to which i'd reply "i have no clue"        {taken by jessica}
- speaking up for the first time in class and realizing that what you just said made you seem like the biggest know-it-all on the face of the Earth {nooooooo, forgive me, i'm really not THAT person!!}
- running through a classroom building without shoes on because someone thought it would be a good idea to wear heels... & be late on the same day
- every eye noticing that you wore heels on campus today with each click-clomp-scuff-clomp on the pavement
- that moment when you realize their are no two seats empty on the bus {one for you and one for your stuff} and you finally have to sit down next to a stranger with your bah-gillion bags balanced on your lap
- going to any doctors office and trying to be adult because yes, i am 19 and i still take momma!
- the creepy cable guy who stares at me, then drive by my vehicle as i get out to unload my stuff.  he parked his van outside of my building, then watched me go into my apartment & you better believe that i looked through the slats of my blinds to make sure he was gone before i went back out to my car!!! {i suffer from paranoia lol}

- water for elephants & the help with my roommate
- growth group at CSF or Christian Student Fellowship {i've missed everyone!}
- going shopping and hanging out with my mom on Wednesdays
- puzzles with the family
- paying bills with my own hard earned money {it's a independence thng... not a, YAY bills, happy dance}
- it's the day before Friday!

January 25, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #2

last semester, i joined a book group at the Christian Student Fellowship studying Francis Chan's, Forgotten God.  that book is amazing and will really make you stop and think, so read it!  but our group from last semester decided to stay together and our leaders chose the book of 1 Corinthians to study this go around.  as i will be reading in 1 Corinthians every week, it's very likely that a lot of my wordy wednesdays will be based on a scripture passage from there.  so here's a passage that came out and slapped me in the face this week!  God doesn't waste any time!! lol

"Even the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength."
- 1 Corinthians 1:25  

earlier in the chapter, the scriptures explained that to humans, the works of God are unexplainable and hard to comprehend.  and i guess they can be seen as "foolish."  but see the cool thing is, we don't have to understand because the foolishness of God is wiser than we could ever be! i absolutely love this passage!  and i would recommend reading 1 Corinthians!! we could do it together!! i've already read the first 2 chapters and they've been good so far!

happy wordy wednesday!!

January 24, 2012

what i've been watching lately

{Star Trek, on VHS... classic!}
this past weekend i've been adding to my geek score.  i've been watching the Star Trek movies.  and to watch them i had to break out the VHS player!!  the beautiful thing about actual film is that it seems real.  i'm not trying to say the graphics were as amazing as Avatar's {we've come a long way in 30 or so years} BUT i miss that visual when you first press play and the tape seems to find it's place on the screen or when the little specks of dust make their motion picture debut or when the image is just a little fuzzy {i'm talking far from HD}.  being able to use the physical tape of a VHS was refreshing!  it's the simple things with me!  lol

anyways, about the movies.  i would have to say that The Wrath of Khan {i realized that Khan played the grandfather on SpyKids LOL-- he didn't have a wrinkle on him back then} and The Search for Spock, are my favorites so far.  the first one was really really slow... a lot of sitting out in space with very little adventure.  i'm not really sure how many of you have watched this series but these are just my thoughts on the blast from the past i had!

so now that i have expressed my inner geek for the week... anyone else have any geek obsessions?  just wondering.

January 23, 2012


i'm now on bloglovin!

{picture taken by jessica}

 so apparently i have to post this link in order to claim my blog on bloglovin'.  so guess what.  i'm on bloglovin' now and you should totally follow me!  :)

and this here is my dog cammie.  i'm sick of pictures of myself on here so it's her turn!!  you can't say no to that face!!

let me tell you about my four legged friend:

- she is a greyhound and not a deer.
- she once had a life of race dog until we adopted her
- her favorite treat is bread {and occasional things that "fall" from the table}
- she can sit despite how uncomfortable it is for her
- she sometimes pretends the house is her racetrack
- and after about 10 seconds of running she spends the rest of the day lounging in the house and playing with her stuffed "babies"
- she shakes when  thunderstorms pass our way
- she is one of the sweetest dogs ever but if you get on her nerves she doesn't hesitate to let you know about it
- she is a coffee addict like her family
- she likes to cram herself into the smallest crevices even though she is probably almost as tall as me when she stands up
- she likes to whine, sing, & talk to us
- but most of all, you need to become familiar with her wet nose, because that's how she says hello

happy monday & tell your pet how much you love them!!

January 20, 2012

awkward & awesome friday

- missing awkward & awesome thursdays
- trying to redeem myself by posting on friday
- getting caught taking these pictures by random peers around me
- watching a person stumble with their footing coming down stairs & the nothing you can do to console them after they find out you saw
- my professors breathing on his online powerpoint presentations
- trying to put my purse strap across my body leading to an epic fail when the person on the bus behind me has to lift up my big furry hood to get the strap to cooperate
- eating so much that i want to throw up {awkward & gross, i'm working on this}

- posting these things today because half of them happened today
- the marble pound cake from starbucks {what i'm eating up there}
- having time to chill and do homework between classes, long breaks
- only having to work 1 hour and 45 minutes today
- becoming inspired daily by simple things & writing them down in a notebook {see organization post}
- abduction came out this week & taylor lautner = hawt
- YAM's {young. attractive. men.}, my roommate's, kacie's, family came up for supper last night and taught me this abbreviation lol

January 19, 2012

fun photography ideas

{via here}  

this series of photographs were found on pinterest, the link can be found above.  the pinterest caption was as follows:

 A collection of photographs document a British couple's travels over six years by just showing their feet. The series takes on a twist with the addition of a third pair of feet--their daughter. 

this is so cute!! now, one day-- whenever that day will be -- i think i may do something similar with my hubby & family!  maybe sooner than later with a trip or something, i just think this is soo nifty!

i don't know if this amazes you guys as much as it does me but i just saw this and had to post about it!
talk to you soon!

January 18, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #1

today i decided to kick off my blogofied {my word} scripture journal. as a Christian i strongly believe it's important to read scripture. but if i'm truly honest with myself: i find it very very hard to act on this belief. so for my first entry i wanted to analyze why we {i} should read more of the bible.

"Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful in one way or another- showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God's way."
- 2 Timothy 3:16  
so scripture is like words from God... ok that's very basic.  but have you ever noticed that He knows exactly what to say to convict us.  showing us who we really are, and how we sin.  He points out our flaws to train us, to mold us in His likeness.

it's weird when you know you are struggling with a sin or a problem in your life and you break open your Bible for the first time in a month and the topic that you see is the exact problem you are facing.  that's how it was with me this week.  i typed in a search term in my Bible that's on my phone; i typed: inspire & this is the scripture that popped up.  it was what i needed to hear to get me back on track with my readings.  i am not perfect and i will never know enough about God.  so everyday, i need to be reading scripture.  i need to grow in my walk.

without further a due, i introduce to you "Wordy Wednesday"!  i hope you enjoyed it!  but i'm dedicating myself to get back in touch with the voice of my Creator and to make sure that i do this, i need accountability partners.  i need you guys.  each wednesday, i'm going to post a scripture that has touched me the most from the scripture i have read throughout the week.  i'll then put the posts under a button on my blog!

fill me in with your thoughts & feelings!  happy wednesday!

January 17, 2012

blog inspiration organzation

a couple of days ago, i was reading elsie's response to a reader's question on organizing inspiration. it was so organizationally inspiring! i guess that was her point {lol}!  her four blog inspiration organizing tips can be found on her blog & below:

1} a planning notebook

2} pinterest

3} bloglovin'

{image via my iphone but elsie's blog}
4} a sketchbook

i have already experienced the wonders of pinterest! and you can now follow me on bloglovin'!  i have also found that it's SO much easier to keep up with the blogs you follow with the bloglovin' app for the iphone! so check it out! but when i was looking at elsie's suggestions, i concluded that i lack the most in keeping a planning notebook & a sketchbook.  it's the physical recording of inspirations & sketching ideas that i struggle with.  i think it's hard sometimes being on the go and having to physically write something down or draw something out, BUT i can definitely see how planning my blog posts in a notebook would keep me on task!  the truth of the matter is... some days i just don't know what to post about!  and having a plan would help out a lot.  my mom got me this nifty little notebook above {picture 1} & as of now i have deemed it my "blog book"!  i also have plenty of note books, i just i have to carry one with me at all times! 

let me know what you do to organize & collect your thoughts for your blog, i would love to know about them!!

January 13, 2012

being studious

{studious} - disposed or given to diligent study

after sitting through all of the introductions and going over all of the syllabi, i have reached the conclusion of my first week of classes {in actuality it was 3 days, but it was still long enough}.

this semester i have decided to be studious.  i have given you the dictionary.com definition of studious but i have established my own components to make this more do-able.

my definition of studious:
1} giving 110%
2} not procrastinating
3} prioritizing
4} being organized
5} getting ahead, if you have the chance
6} having a good attitude
7} staying on task!

this is going to be hard for me! especially when i get distracted very easily & i'm really good about talking myself out of doing school work, then finding other things to do with my time!

what about you?  are you naturally studious? or do you secretly tend to roll your to do list over to the next day until it fills an entire page of your calendar?

wish me luck!!


January 12, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

      so there is a series trend going around the blog-ophere entitled awkward & awesome thursday.  these posts were originated by the daybook {thanks jess!}.  i've been trying to think of something on my own that is original but so far i haven't come up with something quite so cute.  but i keep thinking about how easy it is to relate to awkward and awesome events that take place in my life.  so here i am!

- kentucky weather: it was 60 degrees and sunny yesterday; and 32 degrees with freezing rain & snow today

- standing outside for 20 minutes waiting for the bus in the cold and wind which results in a numb face and half way drooling on yourself because you can't control your mouth when you talk

- my hair after treking across campus to get to class

-  getting sprayed in the face with rain water and being nearly blown off the street by the wind & water coming off of a speeding semi

- that instant warmth after stepping in a heated building and out of the coldness

- a cup of soup and grilled cheese from the student lounge in the business building on campus

- a gorilla running through your classroom just to lighten the mood of the second day of classes

- stopping for my favorite cup of jo before heading to work just to warm my soul a little

so that's it!  my first awkward & awesome thursday on this blog!! anyone have any winter weather awkwardness?  any awesomeness?  let me know... comment away!!


January 11, 2012

on time

hello hello!! it's wednesday, and that means the first day back to class for me!! i'm so excited! {sarcasm}.  anyways, today i wanted to log on to tell you about a couple of things!
{1}  i wanted to introduce you to this little guy!  i mentioned i collect owls {that post is in the making by the way} and my mom got me this vintage owl clock for christmas!! he is SO adorable and i understand that in this little gif file time is going backwards but that doesn't really matter because i wanted to show that his little eyes move back and forth!!!  i absolutely LOVE him!! i would say that my mom knows me well!

{2}  i have finally realized that my previous posts were at some weird weird times!! and i finally figured out how to change the time zone thingy!

so starting today i will be on time, in more ways than one!!
happy wednesday!!


January 10, 2012

possibly the cutest thing ever

today has been a lazy day.  i think it's mainly due to the fact i know i'm going to back to the grind tomorrow which means work and classes!  i'm dreading actually making my brain function!  i've been laying around, surfing the web, and watching the replay of last night's bachelor episode {my favorite so far is kacie b}.  but while surfing the web, and going through the blogosphere, i found this wonderful little piece of internet space that was created by gentri lee.  her blog is SO cute, i'm sure you're familiar with it but i just found her and i loved the look of her blog and her lovely posts!  on the last appearing post on her blog there was a video, which just made me smile!!

cute, right?!?  well i found the story of the unlikely duo on gentri's page as well:

Kate, the Great Dane, and Pippin, the deer,  bonding after Pip's mom got scared off by neighboring dogs. The owners waited 3 days before they rescued her. They couldn't stand the crying anymore! Kate adopted her right away and they've been best friends ever since. They even sleep together. Pip was bottle fed but Kate tried to nurse her even though she has never had pups and is spayed. Pip now lives in the bush with the wild deer but visits every day.

so today wasn't a waste!!  love & friendships come in the most unlikely places!!


January 9, 2012

i cut my finger nails...

i cut my fingernails the other day.  

your not impressed?

to a normal person this may seem like a really weird topic for discussion.  however this has a bit more meaning for me.  i play guitar.  and fingernails have to be at a precise length in order to be able to play properly {i make that sound scientific, but really it’s not lol}.  but i am a girl & i like my fingernails!!

my wise guitar teacher once said: “if your fingernails are too long it’s a sign your not playing enough and therefore not practicing.” i just smiled at him and said, “you’re right.”

{like the stache?}
he was right & the truth of the matter is, i haven’t been playing enough!  since school has started i have yet to bring my guitar up to my apartment!  i admit that i’ve been busy, but that’s really no excuse.  i had planned that i would have enough songs to make a demo last year.  did that happen?  not even close!!  the last song i fully completed was for a friends wedding, that took place last summer!!  this blockage has severely impacted my walk too!!  my relationship with Christ is almost directly linked to my music, so if i'm not writing, i'm not spending enough time with God either!

so the fingernails came off, & guess what: a song was completed last night!!  i'm so excited!!  i hope to be sharing it with you soon!

but until then, here's to breaking writers block!
happy monday everyone!

January 5, 2012

the frankfort picker

{you may be thinking: hmmm that's odd, but just keep reading!!}
for those of you who are familiar with the show on the history channel, american pickers, you should understand my fascination with the show.  it's about these two guys who take the back roads of different cities to rummage through out buildings, backyards, & attics to find vintage treasures that can be sold in their antique shop called, antique archeology.  sometimes they just show up on people's front porch and ask to look around for "junk" that the home owners would be willing to sell at a reasonable price.  today, i'm here to tell you about my picking experience.

i've lived in my hometown ALL of my life, so i get pretty used to seeing the same scenery everyday. however, since christmas, one of the houses on my normal routine drive into town had made my drive a little more exciting.  this is because i was distracted by the christmas awesomeness on it's back porch!  a lovely vintage santa head had caught my eye for weeks!!!  it's weird when i say it like that but just from seeing this piece of loveliness from the road i knew it was old, i knew it was a santa, and i knew i wanted it!!

the santa head was haunting me, so i contemplated touching the inner picker in me and just showing up at their front door and saying, "hello there, my name is mackenzie and i want your santa head."  except, that's not really how a picker would conduct business.  my mom mentioned that my dad had been working for the family that lived in the house.  the cogs started turning.

what i have learned from the american pickers is that picking starts with a relationship.  i gave my dad a call and he told me that the people that lived their were REALLY nice.  i looked them up in the phone book and called them next.  the conversation was awkward but the gentleman that i talked to didn't flinch when i asked if him if i could purchase a possession of his that was sitting on his back porch.  then, he did the nicest thing ever!!!  he said,"if your interested in it, you go ahead and take it."  my jaw dropped.  WHAT?!? like for free?!?!  no way!!
{i'm very fond of my jolly friend}
as you might have guessed, i ended up going to their house that night and picking up this vintage santa head!  and to make matters even better {i know your asking your self: can it get any better than this?!?} once i got it home i found out that it lights up!! i think i screamed when his rosy cheeks lit up when i plugged him in!  i don't really think that family knows how much they made my day!!  it was awkward, exciting, & i can't wait to put myself out there again and see what other ultra cool stuff i can get my hands on!!!

do you have a picking story? i would love to hear it!

January 1, 2012

the 2012 list

welcome to 2012 !!!  i have noticed that a popular post for this time of year is the one about what you hope to accomplish in 2012.  i had trouble thinking about what i wanted out of the next 365 days, so i came up with this list,  the titles are generic so feel free to use this method to generate some ideas for your 2012 post, but i would appreciate some link love if you will.  i have filled in this one with my goals and hopefully i will be updating throughout next year to let you know i have accomplished them by writing a post about them!  yay, i'm excited!  i'm not sure if you are motivated but this new start has really motivated me!!

{1} something to learn

Magnetic Organizer
{via here}
i want to learn how to sew!  i want a sewing machine and i want to learn how to make more things!!  i have already took it upon myself to learn how to knit and crochet, but lets face it there are limits there and if you know me at all i don't like having limits {no matter how hard i try there will always be "limits" but it has never hurt me to be well rounded  :)  }.  i should get a sewing machine soon or should be able to use my mom's old singer for awhile until i get money to buy my own.  but i can't wait to start learning how to sew!!!  wish me luck!


{2} something to do more of

{taken by jessica from jessica chronicled}
i want to write more music in 2012.  2011 was a musically rich year.  i accomplished so much and grew as an artist and in my faith in my calling to music ministry.  however towards the end of 2011, between college life, two jobs, and family i had very very little time to write and record.  so in 2012 i want to write more music.  music that fully reflects who i am and who i am in Christ! my goal is to fully complete and record 12 songs.  that's a song per month.  that's doable isn't it?


{3} something to improve

{take a look}
hmmmm.  there are so many things i want to improve but i guess i want to improve my etsy shop the most!  as stated in previous posts, i operate an etsy shop called -the feathered owl-.  improvements that need to be made include: the addition of a handmade section to my shop, updated listings, a new banner, & a better defined shop objective!!  i can't wait to start on these improvements and i hope that more sales will follow these changes!!!


{4} something to spend more time on
read pray love grow jpeg
{via me}
as i have previously stated.  i am a Christian.  in this day and age that encompasses A LOT.  that said, i  don't want to become a Christian that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.  here looking back at 2011 there were many times that i was so on fire for God that no one could bring me down or put me out.  i'm not so confident at this point.  i haven't been in the Word as much as i want to be, and to be quite frank i feel like a fake.  i know that's harsh but i want to be true to myself and be very truthful with you.   in 2012 i want my relationship with God back and the only way to do that is to spend more time with Him.  i want to read in the Word everyday.  this may mean ready a couple of scriptures during the day.  it may mean a devotional sometimes.  or it could mean looking up some of my favorite scriptures.  i want to write them down in my log and i want to get back the fire that i once had with God!  amen to that!!


{5} something to experience

{via here}
i want to go to a drive-in & watch a movie!!! i've never ever been to one but i have always wanted to go!!  i would REALLY enjoy to go to the drive-in on a date but if that doesn't happen i would enjoy going with a group of friends! i have always wanted to stay out late and watch a movie from the back of a pick-up truck.  buttery popcorn, warm blankets, bean chairs, starlight, and movies!!  i know i'm probably building this up way to much but it sounds awesome to me and i want to check that experience off my to do list!


{6} somewhere to go

{via martha stewart}
okay.  in 2012 i want to plan a road trip. & then actually take the said road trip with a group of friends.  taking time for plenty of pictures along the way! i don't care where we go but i want to just go... it could be for spring break, it could be during the summer, i don't really care.  i have set some ground rules though.  1) we have to stay over night for at least one night.  2) we have to travel by car.  3) it can't be too costly!


{7} something to re-purpose

{via pinterest then here}
these upcycled hangers are too cute!! in 2012 i want to re-purpose something, like these hangers.  or perhaps a vintage trunk into a nightstand or something.  i haven't decided on the project but it's going to happen.  it seems like i always have major projects that take place in my life that require the help of my father.  during my senior year of high school, it was decorations for the high school dance.  during 2011 it was re-purposing a window with shutters and a primitive boat seat as the headboard and footboard for my new bedroom {respectively & i never did a post on that, so that will come soon}.  yay!! join me and re-purpose something this year!!!


{8} something to make additions to

{via here}
i want to make additions to my closet.  jessica used a similar goal in her try in 2012 post that she posted earlier this year.  although i've seen her clothes in person and think she is just an excellent fashionista!!  anyways, my closet could use some help!!  i have shirts in my closet from when i was in middle school.  if i could clean that out {i get REALLY attached to stuff-- it's annoying}, i could make room for new!!!  i have recently started to find my "style" but there is simply no room to accommodate for it.  between a walk in closet at my apartment and a very good size one at my family's house, there's no room {i even have a rack in their basement-- it's embarrassing}!

step 1: clean out closet {i may use some of jessica's helpful hints}
step 2: is to make stylish & affordable additions to my closet to complete my look!


{9} something i want to act on

{via pinterest i don't know who the credit should go to but if you know, let me know}
GET IN SHAPE!  i know this is WAY cliche but i can't even express to you how much i need to become more healthy.  i can feel my metabolism slowing down and i need to get in better exercising and eating habits.  just simple things like choosing the low-fat ranch instead of the original recipe or the wheat bun instead of the regular white bun, or lets hop on the elliptical while watching tv!  it's the little things really.  i don't have a "goal weight" but my goal is to make my body healthier from the inside out!!


{10} something to inspire others

{saying via here; artwork via me}
i want to do something that inspires others.  i hope it's through this blog.  i want to express and inspire through DIY projects, song lyrics, fashion, photography, and other things i post on this blog.  so i guess the goal is to post with the thought of inspiring.  i want to reach people and this means becoming a more an intricate part of the blogging community.  and while i've got your attention: i LOVE you guys.  you fellow bloggers.  you people that i find common interests with.  you are so receptive and kind!  and i want to give back instead of taking all the time!!  i want to inspire you as you have inspired me!!  so critique me give me advice throughout the year so i can serve you better!!


{11} something to do before i am twenty

{via pinterest via here}
well i turn 20 at the end of March.  so within the first 3 months of the new year i hope to completely re-organize and find space for everything!! i know that this is vague but currently i'm living in two places: my apartment in lexington and my home in frankfort.  my things are scattered every-which-way!! i want to clean out my closets {as said in number 8} and make room for all of my craftiness!  i want a "studio" that can hold my yarn, hopefully a sewing machine, camera & accessories, guitar, and my microphone/recording station.  this will definitely be a challenge to do before i'm twenty but it HAS to be done!!  and this short time-frame may motivate me to get the project started!!


{12} something to start & finish

{check out my other post about my project here}
in 2012 i want to start more crochet and yarn projects!  however, i want to finish the ones that i have already started.  after i posted about my granny squares, i started another blanket that is, i'm not going to say less time consuming, but requires less yarn switching.  in 2012 i want to finish those projects.  but i also want to start a blanket for my grandfather {shhh don't tell him lol}, and i want to take some time to start to crochet a sweater!!


so there is my list: i know it's lengthy but i will be posting a more concise and to the point list for the update page.  like i said before feel free to use these general titles to help you plan for your 2012!!! and if you can relate to any of these comment then we can be accountability partners!! with that said:

happy new year everyone!!!

from me to you,