January 17, 2012

blog inspiration organzation

a couple of days ago, i was reading elsie's response to a reader's question on organizing inspiration. it was so organizationally inspiring! i guess that was her point {lol}!  her four blog inspiration organizing tips can be found on her blog & below:

1} a planning notebook

2} pinterest

3} bloglovin'

{image via my iphone but elsie's blog}
4} a sketchbook

i have already experienced the wonders of pinterest! and you can now follow me on bloglovin'!  i have also found that it's SO much easier to keep up with the blogs you follow with the bloglovin' app for the iphone! so check it out! but when i was looking at elsie's suggestions, i concluded that i lack the most in keeping a planning notebook & a sketchbook.  it's the physical recording of inspirations & sketching ideas that i struggle with.  i think it's hard sometimes being on the go and having to physically write something down or draw something out, BUT i can definitely see how planning my blog posts in a notebook would keep me on task!  the truth of the matter is... some days i just don't know what to post about!  and having a plan would help out a lot.  my mom got me this nifty little notebook above {picture 1} & as of now i have deemed it my "blog book"!  i also have plenty of note books, i just i have to carry one with me at all times! 

let me know what you do to organize & collect your thoughts for your blog, i would love to know about them!!

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