January 23, 2012


i'm now on bloglovin!

{picture taken by jessica}

 so apparently i have to post this link in order to claim my blog on bloglovin'.  so guess what.  i'm on bloglovin' now and you should totally follow me!  :)

and this here is my dog cammie.  i'm sick of pictures of myself on here so it's her turn!!  you can't say no to that face!!

let me tell you about my four legged friend:

- she is a greyhound and not a deer.
- she once had a life of race dog until we adopted her
- her favorite treat is bread {and occasional things that "fall" from the table}
- she can sit despite how uncomfortable it is for her
- she sometimes pretends the house is her racetrack
- and after about 10 seconds of running she spends the rest of the day lounging in the house and playing with her stuffed "babies"
- she shakes when  thunderstorms pass our way
- she is one of the sweetest dogs ever but if you get on her nerves she doesn't hesitate to let you know about it
- she is a coffee addict like her family
- she likes to cram herself into the smallest crevices even though she is probably almost as tall as me when she stands up
- she likes to whine, sing, & talk to us
- but most of all, you need to become familiar with her wet nose, because that's how she says hello

happy monday & tell your pet how much you love them!!

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