January 20, 2012

awkward & awesome friday

- missing awkward & awesome thursdays
- trying to redeem myself by posting on friday
- getting caught taking these pictures by random peers around me
- watching a person stumble with their footing coming down stairs & the nothing you can do to console them after they find out you saw
- my professors breathing on his online powerpoint presentations
- trying to put my purse strap across my body leading to an epic fail when the person on the bus behind me has to lift up my big furry hood to get the strap to cooperate
- eating so much that i want to throw up {awkward & gross, i'm working on this}

- posting these things today because half of them happened today
- the marble pound cake from starbucks {what i'm eating up there}
- having time to chill and do homework between classes, long breaks
- only having to work 1 hour and 45 minutes today
- becoming inspired daily by simple things & writing them down in a notebook {see organization post}
- abduction came out this week & taylor lautner = hawt
- YAM's {young. attractive. men.}, my roommate's, kacie's, family came up for supper last night and taught me this abbreviation lol

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