January 12, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

      so there is a series trend going around the blog-ophere entitled awkward & awesome thursday.  these posts were originated by the daybook {thanks jess!}.  i've been trying to think of something on my own that is original but so far i haven't come up with something quite so cute.  but i keep thinking about how easy it is to relate to awkward and awesome events that take place in my life.  so here i am!

- kentucky weather: it was 60 degrees and sunny yesterday; and 32 degrees with freezing rain & snow today

- standing outside for 20 minutes waiting for the bus in the cold and wind which results in a numb face and half way drooling on yourself because you can't control your mouth when you talk

- my hair after treking across campus to get to class

-  getting sprayed in the face with rain water and being nearly blown off the street by the wind & water coming off of a speeding semi

- that instant warmth after stepping in a heated building and out of the coldness

- a cup of soup and grilled cheese from the student lounge in the business building on campus

- a gorilla running through your classroom just to lighten the mood of the second day of classes

- stopping for my favorite cup of jo before heading to work just to warm my soul a little

so that's it!  my first awkward & awesome thursday on this blog!! anyone have any winter weather awkwardness?  any awesomeness?  let me know... comment away!!


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