January 30, 2012

a step in the right direction

this past weekend i went shopping.  my goals were to find pieces that were functional, colorful, could be re-styled, and could work in multiple seasons.  i went to francesca's and found the skirt and print dress.  i had some gift cards, so i'm glad i got to put them to good use!

{printed dress & skirt: francesca's; tights: my sister's drawer -she's 12 and i don't really understand how i fit in them- }
then a few weeks ago, i found these amazing tan pattern leather shoes at target!

so these are my closet additions for this month!  i'm glad i'm starting to put one foot in front of the other when it comes to crossing things off my 2012 list, although i'm pretty sure more closet additions will come as the year goes on!  :)

until then,

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