January 26, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

you may ask "what are you doing?" to which i'd reply "i have no clue"        {taken by jessica}
- speaking up for the first time in class and realizing that what you just said made you seem like the biggest know-it-all on the face of the Earth {nooooooo, forgive me, i'm really not THAT person!!}
- running through a classroom building without shoes on because someone thought it would be a good idea to wear heels... & be late on the same day
- every eye noticing that you wore heels on campus today with each click-clomp-scuff-clomp on the pavement
- that moment when you realize their are no two seats empty on the bus {one for you and one for your stuff} and you finally have to sit down next to a stranger with your bah-gillion bags balanced on your lap
- going to any doctors office and trying to be adult because yes, i am 19 and i still take momma!
- the creepy cable guy who stares at me, then drive by my vehicle as i get out to unload my stuff.  he parked his van outside of my building, then watched me go into my apartment & you better believe that i looked through the slats of my blinds to make sure he was gone before i went back out to my car!!! {i suffer from paranoia lol}

- water for elephants & the help with my roommate
- growth group at CSF or Christian Student Fellowship {i've missed everyone!}
- going shopping and hanging out with my mom on Wednesdays
- puzzles with the family
- paying bills with my own hard earned money {it's a independence thng... not a, YAY bills, happy dance}
- it's the day before Friday!

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