January 24, 2012

what i've been watching lately

{Star Trek, on VHS... classic!}
this past weekend i've been adding to my geek score.  i've been watching the Star Trek movies.  and to watch them i had to break out the VHS player!!  the beautiful thing about actual film is that it seems real.  i'm not trying to say the graphics were as amazing as Avatar's {we've come a long way in 30 or so years} BUT i miss that visual when you first press play and the tape seems to find it's place on the screen or when the little specks of dust make their motion picture debut or when the image is just a little fuzzy {i'm talking far from HD}.  being able to use the physical tape of a VHS was refreshing!  it's the simple things with me!  lol

anyways, about the movies.  i would have to say that The Wrath of Khan {i realized that Khan played the grandfather on SpyKids LOL-- he didn't have a wrinkle on him back then} and The Search for Spock, are my favorites so far.  the first one was really really slow... a lot of sitting out in space with very little adventure.  i'm not really sure how many of you have watched this series but these are just my thoughts on the blast from the past i had!

so now that i have expressed my inner geek for the week... anyone else have any geek obsessions?  just wondering.

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