January 9, 2012

i cut my finger nails...

i cut my fingernails the other day.  

your not impressed?

to a normal person this may seem like a really weird topic for discussion.  however this has a bit more meaning for me.  i play guitar.  and fingernails have to be at a precise length in order to be able to play properly {i make that sound scientific, but really it’s not lol}.  but i am a girl & i like my fingernails!!

my wise guitar teacher once said: “if your fingernails are too long it’s a sign your not playing enough and therefore not practicing.” i just smiled at him and said, “you’re right.”

{like the stache?}
he was right & the truth of the matter is, i haven’t been playing enough!  since school has started i have yet to bring my guitar up to my apartment!  i admit that i’ve been busy, but that’s really no excuse.  i had planned that i would have enough songs to make a demo last year.  did that happen?  not even close!!  the last song i fully completed was for a friends wedding, that took place last summer!!  this blockage has severely impacted my walk too!!  my relationship with Christ is almost directly linked to my music, so if i'm not writing, i'm not spending enough time with God either!

so the fingernails came off, & guess what: a song was completed last night!!  i'm so excited!!  i hope to be sharing it with you soon!

but until then, here's to breaking writers block!
happy monday everyone!

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