January 13, 2012

being studious

{studious} - disposed or given to diligent study

after sitting through all of the introductions and going over all of the syllabi, i have reached the conclusion of my first week of classes {in actuality it was 3 days, but it was still long enough}.

this semester i have decided to be studious.  i have given you the dictionary.com definition of studious but i have established my own components to make this more do-able.

my definition of studious:
1} giving 110%
2} not procrastinating
3} prioritizing
4} being organized
5} getting ahead, if you have the chance
6} having a good attitude
7} staying on task!

this is going to be hard for me! especially when i get distracted very easily & i'm really good about talking myself out of doing school work, then finding other things to do with my time!

what about you?  are you naturally studious? or do you secretly tend to roll your to do list over to the next day until it fills an entire page of your calendar?

wish me luck!!


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