January 10, 2012

possibly the cutest thing ever

today has been a lazy day.  i think it's mainly due to the fact i know i'm going to back to the grind tomorrow which means work and classes!  i'm dreading actually making my brain function!  i've been laying around, surfing the web, and watching the replay of last night's bachelor episode {my favorite so far is kacie b}.  but while surfing the web, and going through the blogosphere, i found this wonderful little piece of internet space that was created by gentri lee.  her blog is SO cute, i'm sure you're familiar with it but i just found her and i loved the look of her blog and her lovely posts!  on the last appearing post on her blog there was a video, which just made me smile!!

cute, right?!?  well i found the story of the unlikely duo on gentri's page as well:

Kate, the Great Dane, and Pippin, the deer,  bonding after Pip's mom got scared off by neighboring dogs. The owners waited 3 days before they rescued her. They couldn't stand the crying anymore! Kate adopted her right away and they've been best friends ever since. They even sleep together. Pip was bottle fed but Kate tried to nurse her even though she has never had pups and is spayed. Pip now lives in the bush with the wild deer but visits every day.

so today wasn't a waste!!  love & friendships come in the most unlikely places!!


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