January 31, 2012

my collection obsession

i've come to the conclusion that there is no possible way that i could show you ALL of my owls.  my sister counted them one time and i think she managed to get to 65 and then stopped trying.  and my collection has grown since then... so it's really become an obsession!!  i'm going to post some tips to collecting soon but first i thought it would be appropriate to show you my collection first!   :)

because my room is so small and this is the only place i can display my owls, they kind of have taken over my room!
{my headboard} 
{right tower of my bed}
{left tower of my bed}

{wall display}
{my owl jewelry & umbrella stand that i use for a trash can}
so here is just a peek of my collection obsession!  i can't help that i'm obsessed but now you know yet another trait of my personality {idk if it's a good or bad thing yet lol}!  i've had to give you glimpses but i'm sure i will use more of my owls in my demonstrations for my tips on collecting and as props for future posts.  i can't wait to start writing what i've learned about collecting and such!!

i hope you enjoyed this post it was fun to write and to take pictures for!!

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