January 5, 2012

the frankfort picker

{you may be thinking: hmmm that's odd, but just keep reading!!}
for those of you who are familiar with the show on the history channel, american pickers, you should understand my fascination with the show.  it's about these two guys who take the back roads of different cities to rummage through out buildings, backyards, & attics to find vintage treasures that can be sold in their antique shop called, antique archeology.  sometimes they just show up on people's front porch and ask to look around for "junk" that the home owners would be willing to sell at a reasonable price.  today, i'm here to tell you about my picking experience.

i've lived in my hometown ALL of my life, so i get pretty used to seeing the same scenery everyday. however, since christmas, one of the houses on my normal routine drive into town had made my drive a little more exciting.  this is because i was distracted by the christmas awesomeness on it's back porch!  a lovely vintage santa head had caught my eye for weeks!!!  it's weird when i say it like that but just from seeing this piece of loveliness from the road i knew it was old, i knew it was a santa, and i knew i wanted it!!

the santa head was haunting me, so i contemplated touching the inner picker in me and just showing up at their front door and saying, "hello there, my name is mackenzie and i want your santa head."  except, that's not really how a picker would conduct business.  my mom mentioned that my dad had been working for the family that lived in the house.  the cogs started turning.

what i have learned from the american pickers is that picking starts with a relationship.  i gave my dad a call and he told me that the people that lived their were REALLY nice.  i looked them up in the phone book and called them next.  the conversation was awkward but the gentleman that i talked to didn't flinch when i asked if him if i could purchase a possession of his that was sitting on his back porch.  then, he did the nicest thing ever!!!  he said,"if your interested in it, you go ahead and take it."  my jaw dropped.  WHAT?!? like for free?!?!  no way!!
{i'm very fond of my jolly friend}
as you might have guessed, i ended up going to their house that night and picking up this vintage santa head!  and to make matters even better {i know your asking your self: can it get any better than this?!?} once i got it home i found out that it lights up!! i think i screamed when his rosy cheeks lit up when i plugged him in!  i don't really think that family knows how much they made my day!!  it was awkward, exciting, & i can't wait to put myself out there again and see what other ultra cool stuff i can get my hands on!!!

do you have a picking story? i would love to hear it!

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