January 11, 2012

on time

hello hello!! it's wednesday, and that means the first day back to class for me!! i'm so excited! {sarcasm}.  anyways, today i wanted to log on to tell you about a couple of things!
{1}  i wanted to introduce you to this little guy!  i mentioned i collect owls {that post is in the making by the way} and my mom got me this vintage owl clock for christmas!! he is SO adorable and i understand that in this little gif file time is going backwards but that doesn't really matter because i wanted to show that his little eyes move back and forth!!!  i absolutely LOVE him!! i would say that my mom knows me well!

{2}  i have finally realized that my previous posts were at some weird weird times!! and i finally figured out how to change the time zone thingy!

so starting today i will be on time, in more ways than one!!
happy wednesday!!


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