January 1, 2012

the 2012 list

welcome to 2012 !!!  i have noticed that a popular post for this time of year is the one about what you hope to accomplish in 2012.  i had trouble thinking about what i wanted out of the next 365 days, so i came up with this list,  the titles are generic so feel free to use this method to generate some ideas for your 2012 post, but i would appreciate some link love if you will.  i have filled in this one with my goals and hopefully i will be updating throughout next year to let you know i have accomplished them by writing a post about them!  yay, i'm excited!  i'm not sure if you are motivated but this new start has really motivated me!!

{1} something to learn

Magnetic Organizer
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i want to learn how to sew!  i want a sewing machine and i want to learn how to make more things!!  i have already took it upon myself to learn how to knit and crochet, but lets face it there are limits there and if you know me at all i don't like having limits {no matter how hard i try there will always be "limits" but it has never hurt me to be well rounded  :)  }.  i should get a sewing machine soon or should be able to use my mom's old singer for awhile until i get money to buy my own.  but i can't wait to start learning how to sew!!!  wish me luck!


{2} something to do more of

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i want to write more music in 2012.  2011 was a musically rich year.  i accomplished so much and grew as an artist and in my faith in my calling to music ministry.  however towards the end of 2011, between college life, two jobs, and family i had very very little time to write and record.  so in 2012 i want to write more music.  music that fully reflects who i am and who i am in Christ! my goal is to fully complete and record 12 songs.  that's a song per month.  that's doable isn't it?


{3} something to improve

{take a look}
hmmmm.  there are so many things i want to improve but i guess i want to improve my etsy shop the most!  as stated in previous posts, i operate an etsy shop called -the feathered owl-.  improvements that need to be made include: the addition of a handmade section to my shop, updated listings, a new banner, & a better defined shop objective!!  i can't wait to start on these improvements and i hope that more sales will follow these changes!!!


{4} something to spend more time on
read pray love grow jpeg
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as i have previously stated.  i am a Christian.  in this day and age that encompasses A LOT.  that said, i  don't want to become a Christian that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.  here looking back at 2011 there were many times that i was so on fire for God that no one could bring me down or put me out.  i'm not so confident at this point.  i haven't been in the Word as much as i want to be, and to be quite frank i feel like a fake.  i know that's harsh but i want to be true to myself and be very truthful with you.   in 2012 i want my relationship with God back and the only way to do that is to spend more time with Him.  i want to read in the Word everyday.  this may mean ready a couple of scriptures during the day.  it may mean a devotional sometimes.  or it could mean looking up some of my favorite scriptures.  i want to write them down in my log and i want to get back the fire that i once had with God!  amen to that!!


{5} something to experience

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i want to go to a drive-in & watch a movie!!! i've never ever been to one but i have always wanted to go!!  i would REALLY enjoy to go to the drive-in on a date but if that doesn't happen i would enjoy going with a group of friends! i have always wanted to stay out late and watch a movie from the back of a pick-up truck.  buttery popcorn, warm blankets, bean chairs, starlight, and movies!!  i know i'm probably building this up way to much but it sounds awesome to me and i want to check that experience off my to do list!


{6} somewhere to go

{via martha stewart}
okay.  in 2012 i want to plan a road trip. & then actually take the said road trip with a group of friends.  taking time for plenty of pictures along the way! i don't care where we go but i want to just go... it could be for spring break, it could be during the summer, i don't really care.  i have set some ground rules though.  1) we have to stay over night for at least one night.  2) we have to travel by car.  3) it can't be too costly!


{7} something to re-purpose

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these upcycled hangers are too cute!! in 2012 i want to re-purpose something, like these hangers.  or perhaps a vintage trunk into a nightstand or something.  i haven't decided on the project but it's going to happen.  it seems like i always have major projects that take place in my life that require the help of my father.  during my senior year of high school, it was decorations for the high school dance.  during 2011 it was re-purposing a window with shutters and a primitive boat seat as the headboard and footboard for my new bedroom {respectively & i never did a post on that, so that will come soon}.  yay!! join me and re-purpose something this year!!!


{8} something to make additions to

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i want to make additions to my closet.  jessica used a similar goal in her try in 2012 post that she posted earlier this year.  although i've seen her clothes in person and think she is just an excellent fashionista!!  anyways, my closet could use some help!!  i have shirts in my closet from when i was in middle school.  if i could clean that out {i get REALLY attached to stuff-- it's annoying}, i could make room for new!!!  i have recently started to find my "style" but there is simply no room to accommodate for it.  between a walk in closet at my apartment and a very good size one at my family's house, there's no room {i even have a rack in their basement-- it's embarrassing}!

step 1: clean out closet {i may use some of jessica's helpful hints}
step 2: is to make stylish & affordable additions to my closet to complete my look!


{9} something i want to act on

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GET IN SHAPE!  i know this is WAY cliche but i can't even express to you how much i need to become more healthy.  i can feel my metabolism slowing down and i need to get in better exercising and eating habits.  just simple things like choosing the low-fat ranch instead of the original recipe or the wheat bun instead of the regular white bun, or lets hop on the elliptical while watching tv!  it's the little things really.  i don't have a "goal weight" but my goal is to make my body healthier from the inside out!!


{10} something to inspire others

{saying via here; artwork via me}
i want to do something that inspires others.  i hope it's through this blog.  i want to express and inspire through DIY projects, song lyrics, fashion, photography, and other things i post on this blog.  so i guess the goal is to post with the thought of inspiring.  i want to reach people and this means becoming a more an intricate part of the blogging community.  and while i've got your attention: i LOVE you guys.  you fellow bloggers.  you people that i find common interests with.  you are so receptive and kind!  and i want to give back instead of taking all the time!!  i want to inspire you as you have inspired me!!  so critique me give me advice throughout the year so i can serve you better!!


{11} something to do before i am twenty

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well i turn 20 at the end of March.  so within the first 3 months of the new year i hope to completely re-organize and find space for everything!! i know that this is vague but currently i'm living in two places: my apartment in lexington and my home in frankfort.  my things are scattered every-which-way!! i want to clean out my closets {as said in number 8} and make room for all of my craftiness!  i want a "studio" that can hold my yarn, hopefully a sewing machine, camera & accessories, guitar, and my microphone/recording station.  this will definitely be a challenge to do before i'm twenty but it HAS to be done!!  and this short time-frame may motivate me to get the project started!!


{12} something to start & finish

{check out my other post about my project here}
in 2012 i want to start more crochet and yarn projects!  however, i want to finish the ones that i have already started.  after i posted about my granny squares, i started another blanket that is, i'm not going to say less time consuming, but requires less yarn switching.  in 2012 i want to finish those projects.  but i also want to start a blanket for my grandfather {shhh don't tell him lol}, and i want to take some time to start to crochet a sweater!!


so there is my list: i know it's lengthy but i will be posting a more concise and to the point list for the update page.  like i said before feel free to use these general titles to help you plan for your 2012!!! and if you can relate to any of these comment then we can be accountability partners!! with that said:

happy new year everyone!!!

from me to you,

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