December 30, 2011


i'm geek-ish.  i'm geek-ish because i have geek tendencies however i do not go all out.  i grew up watching star wars and star trek and i know the difference but can't tell you every single little detail.  i love super heros but don't read the comic books {my favorite is batman from dc comics; however i am more impressed across the board with marvel's super hero characters}.  i wear sneakers and graphic t's and i enjoy large framed glasses!  i have obsessions with different tv series!  i have recently fallen in love with the big bang theory.  but i've never seen lord of the rings {i'm ashamed and for what's it's worth i've always wanted to watch them!!}.  i'm here to say "geek is chic and it's here to stay!!"  so, for your viewing pleasure, here is one of my favorite sweaters {thanks mom!} modeled with my favorite pair of skinnies, a button up, and my grey converses!

{marvel sweatshirt: forever 21; button-up: found in closet from many years ago; skinnies: express; shoes: journey's}

 unleash your inner geek!!!  and let me see!  link below in the comments section!!


oh and by the way: glasses are sassy!!  i thought i could use these glasses as a style bust in this post!!  you know: the two birds in one stone thingy!  if you haven't heard my friends kaite and jessica are doing a style buster series and these are my glasses {i just have to get up the nerve to wear them in front of more than my fellow bloggers!!!}  so join the busters and link up and don't forget to check out the rest of their posts and all of their style busts on their blogs!!

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