December 23, 2011

DIY: the headphone crochet cozy

so i saw this picture on pinterest of some yarn wrapped around the chord of some headphones & thought, "that doesn't look hard!"  during finals week i needed to relax and i felt like crocheting but wanted to do something different.  so i tried to find a way to wrap my headphones in some colorful yarn.  i thought this would be a simple thing to make a tutorial about so i snapped some pics in the process and here is what i came up with!

so i'm using a a medium weight yarn and size 4 mm crochet hook.  if you'd like a less bulky look you can always use a lighter weight yarn and a smaller crochet that coordinates with that specific yarn; however it will take you longer, but if you really would like that look better it would be worth it!!  i think that some crochet basics would be helpful as that i do not get into the technicalities of the single crochet and how exactly to hold your yarn.

{1st}  you need to start your  project like any other crochet project: with a slip knot!!  i make mine by making a circle with my yarn pushing the end of the yarn to the back of the circle.  i then pull the yarn to through the hole leaving the tail end to get caught in the knot after i tighten it.

{2nd}  place the end of the headphone chord through the slip knot.  you will be working from right to left so leave the part you want wrapped in the yarn to the left of your slip knot. 

{3rd}  make sure to pull the knot snugs once the chord is in place.  you want to also make sure that you tuck the tail end that was left after you tightened your slip knot under your crochet stitches so you will get a seamless finished look.  after you have your hands situated go ahead and crochet!  as you hold the chord in your left hand, bring the hook towards you and then under the chord to grab your skein yarn from the other side.  bring the skein yarn under the chord and pull through the loops on your hook.  this is where previous crochet knowledge comes in handy.  i didn't get to take pictures of the crochet process because it was hard to handle the camera and the hook and the yarn and the chord.  but if you know some crochet basics then you should be able to catch on fairly quickly.

{notice how i'm holding the yarn, chord, hook, and how the tail end of the slip knot is tucked.}
{4th}  continue to crochet until you get to the headphone chord split.  

{5th}  now it's time to tie off and hide your ending knot.  so when you get to your last crochet stitch go ahead and cut your skein yarn at least two or three inches from the last stitch.  then take your hook and pull straight up, bringing the end of your yarn through your last stitch.  wrap the end of the yarn around the last stitch around the chord {it may be easier to pull the end through with a smaller crochet hook or the one you had been using}.  do not pull snugs yet, because the loose circle creates a loop.  wrap the end yarn through this loop twice, and then pull snugs.

{6th}  work the end of your yarn through the last few stitches with your crochet hook, hiding the end of your yarn under the stitches.  essentially you are hiding the yarn in the same way you started the work except this time it's backwards!

 {7th}  your done!! after you tuck and finish, admire your work.  you have just completed your crocheted headphone cozy!!!

words of caution: it's awkward at first to get a handle on everything, so don't get discouraged!! you can do it!!  and the yarn tends to twist as you go along.  i embraced the the twist and ended up twisting the yarn myself at the end of the project.  you could however force it to be a straight line i guess.  it's really up to you!!  

so this is my first tutorial.  have fun!! and let me know if you have problems understanding me or need more elaboration!! comment below if you think this was helpful, need more help, or if you just think this is a nifty idea!  i want to hear your thoughts!!!


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