December 21, 2011

furnish me vintage: {christmas}

for this christmas season i have had so much fun embracing vintage christmas decor for my home decorations!!  vintage decor is easy to incorporate with your new decor!  i think that's why i love it so much.  it's like history through decorations!  i wish they had a college class on that {haha}, but they don't so i make my own compilation of history with my decorations!


okay i know they are little disturbing but the santa's on this string of lights are SO cute!  i found these guys on my antiquing outing to shelbyville with my mom and grandmother that i mentioned in my antiquing addicts post.  i snagged them for $15 in one of my favorite antique stores!  i think that they are so different and they just scream, "look at me, i'm vintage!!!"  santa's are one of my favorites because they bring back magical memories of when i was a little girl trying to sneek a peak at santa when he was delivering my gifts.  i think santa's are interesting because no one depicts him the same way, because no one has ever seen him.  each santa is different!!

okay, this may just be my favorite christmas decoration EVER!  okay i'm not really sure, but i do know that this is my favorite woodland creature christmas decoration!!  i found this doe in a shop that i adore called Street Scene in lexington, ky.  this deer is not only as cute as a button but i almost died when i found out that she spins around while playing rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  i want you to picture me in the store almost passing out at the sound of rudolph the red nosed reindeer!  {that didn't really happen, but i did almost cry lol}  anyways, i love love love love this little deer and she will be put out every christmas from here on out!!!  she was worth every bit of $12!!

last but not least, if you are going to have a vintage christmas, you need to invest in an aluminum tree!!  i know that traditionally speaking these are not the popular option, & i am all for the traditional evergreen.  however, aluminums were popular in the seventies and even if it is not your main christmas tree they are still fun to play with.  they come in all different colors, sizes, and you can get them pre-lit these days.  i think they are so pretty because of the way the light bounces off of them.  i'm still perfecting my aluminum tree.  i'm trying to find a balance between my vintage ornaments and my current ornaments.  it's suffering right now because i had a whole hour to spend decorating it this year and i didn't really have time to tailor the ornaments to tree.  but one day it will be amazing i'm sure!!

so is your christmas going to be a vintage one?  post photo links below and tell me how you decorate!!!


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