December 19, 2011

antiquing addicts

so last monday, i was dreading going back to my apartment only to face some serious studying for my accounting final, so naturally my mother suggested the mature thing to do, "why don't we take grandma and go antiquing at some different places in shelbyville?" have i mentioned my mother is amazing! i did the collegiate student thing, forgot about finals, and got my stuff and got in the car!  lol

we {my mother and i} have started to LOVE old things.  old things that smell like old times.  old things that represent times that were filled with history.  old things that were made to last.  old things that had a purpose then and can have a purpose now.  we love love love vintage!!!  that's why we started an etsy shop, -the feathered owl-.  we like to share our vintage lovelies with everyone, after we find them of course!  that's the fun part!  :)

after loading up, our first stop was our neighborhood cracker barrel!  you can't go antiquing without some down right country cookin to go with it!!  so we ate, and went to go pick up my grandmother.  i love antiquing with the older people in my family just because they know more about the items than i do and they can tell me if it's worth the price or not & i always get to listen to stories about the old times.  it's awesome!  unfortunately, i didn't get a picture with my grandmother this time because she's ornery, if you know her you know what i'm talking about!  lol

anyways you can see that we were somewhat successful with this outing in the first picture.  i have a bag full of goodies!  i purchased some deer salt and pepper shakers and an owl brooch for my collection {that's another post entirely}.  but my mom found her something too, well it was more for our shop but she loved it and thought it was really unique!

it's a 1951 calendar scarf!  it has each month of the year with different holidays highlighted with their very own depiction on each month!  we thought it was soo cute and different!!  i'm the model in the picture above and chose to display the depiction for my birth month, march.  it's cool because you could wear it and display the month you are in at the moment, or fold it to show just the 1951, or make it personal like i did and display your birth month!  below is a picture of the scarf in it's entirety and then there is a detailed shot of the the one for the month of december and it's holiday, christmas!!  it's so cute!

our trip was so much fun!! we really love scavaging and it was exactly what i needed to get my mind off the stress of finals!  does anyone else like antiquing?  have you found anything cute out there in the midst of a mess?  let me know in the comments section and if you have a post with pics link to it because i want to see!!  until next time!


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