December 14, 2011

it's finals week and i need...

1} practice
they say practice makes perfect!  so to get ready for this finals week,  i'm gonna practice, practice, practice.  i have a two finals this semester that require MANY computations and require a set of skillfully executed processes { it kind of sounds like rocket science now lol, but i wouldn't know the difference :) }  anyways, math has never been hard for me but accounting is just plain ridiculousness in my brain!  but with much practice comes great success, sometimes.  so the majority of my days will be consumed by practice problems and hoping that i can remember how to do them when they are presented on the test.  wish me luck!

2) patience
i'm anxious.  studying.  christmas break.  the fall semester being over.  grades. family time.  craft time.  these are the reasons why i need patience.  i get so caught up with the semester being almost over that i rush through studying thinking it will make the end come sooner.  but in reality it leads to poor grades.  so i need patience.  to relax.  to enjoy not going to class.  to experience things that i want to while accurately capturing the essence of an entire semesters worth of knowledge.  if you know me, this is surely to be a challenge.  again i say, wish me luck!
3} prayer (a lot of it)
i know it sounds bad to pray for an "A" in a class.  but let me reassure you that this is NOT what i mean.  i know that God has a plan for me which includes every little detail in my life, including my exam grade in accounting 201.  so this is my prayer for finals week:

bless me with your patience and knowledge.  i don't know everything on these sheets of paper that are stapled together in front of me.  and on some these questions i will not be able to bubble in the right letter with my number two pencil, but that's okay because YOU know everything and you CAN choose all the right answers.  you won't let me down.  and if i fail, i know it will not be the end of the world because through You i have eternal life and if you look at the big picture this exam is a speck of dust that will soon pass with the wind and never haunt me again.  i'm in your hands now, let your will be done.
it's in your precious name, amen.

so here i could use your prayers friends { which is somewhat better than luck btw ;) } 
if you need these 3 qualities during your finals week, feel free to leave a comment and i will pray for you too!!


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