December 25, 2011

don't forget

not to long ago my friend kacie and i heard a sermon by louie giglio entitled "the 12 words of christmas" by louie giglio.  it blew me away.  i don't really know why but i guess it was the way he explained it.  he put christmas into perspective for me.  it's not about presents or even being with your family.  those things are the REALLY GREAT features of celebrating christmas but we really need to focus on the 12 words of christmas instead of the 12 days of christmas.

louie explained in much detail about how much of a gift Jesus was.  He came at the most inopportune time: tax day & when there was no place for his mother to properly give birth to Him.  however it was Holy and perfect!  God works in mysterious and wondrous ways!!  "A Savior has been born to you and He is Christ the Lord!"  a savior has been given to us!!!  He would live for 33 years just to die for me, so that you & i could receive the gift of eternal life!  it's amazing to think that on one night, one baby could change everything!!

i had a very blessed christmas this year filled with surprises, time spent with family and wonderful gifts {thanks mom & dad}, but i'm overjoyed when i think about the gift of Jesus!!

i hope every single one of your christmas's was absolutely wonderful!! mine was!! but let's not forget who's birthday it was today and who came to live and die just for us!  He gave us the ultimate gift!!


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