December 7, 2011

a cup of joe moment

this morning i woke up in a daze not really wanting to go to class.  but i knew that i couldn't miss so i took a shower and got ready anyways.  on the bus ride to campus i thought and thought and thought about why i was going to my first class, geography.  i mean as exciting as it sounds, the bus was runing late and had yet to stop and get my starbucks,  and our professor has made the class impossible to fail!!  he places notes, powerpoints, AND study guides online for us to use when we study for our exams, & i never pay attention anyways.

then i started thinking about how i NEVER skip.  i could be vomiting {praise the Lord this hasn't happened yet} and i would still go to class.  and i started to think about how every other college student gets to skip class.  i mean i am a grown adult and i can decide what i want to do when i want to do it, right!  and my inner revolutionary mob screamed,"YEA, PREACH IT GIRL!"  so naturally i did the adult thing and texted my mom to ask permission, {pathetic, i know}.  she totally didn't respond with a yes,  but after i convinced her she was making me hate myself for not being able to tell her, "no" and thus was robbing me of a rebelious youth.  she caved, and i was like, YES!!

then she informed me i would be ruining my "no skip" track record.  i told her i didn't care and it was to late to take away her approval.  then she asked,"what are you gonna do?"  to which i replied, "drink my coffee, eat my donut, and blog!"  :)

if i could do this for the rest of my life- skip responsibilities, drink coffee, eat donuts, and blog - i think that would be a state that could be considered very very very close to heaven.  but since, it's almost 10:00 and accounting is calling {a class that is less passable for me}, i will enjoy my fleeting youth and this cup of joe moment!  i hope there will be more of these in the future, hopefully not all of them will be quite this risky though!    ;)


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