December 9, 2011

coffee, crochet, & comfy pants

with cold weather being right outside our windows and the college semester coming to an end, i have consistently relied on coffee to wake and warm me up in the mornings.  okay i know it's not creative but starbucks is my favorite place to grab my very own cup of joe.  i will eat breakfast there at least 3 times a week if not more which leads to cup of joe moments {see this post}!  if i haven't described what this is very well; let me describe it to you!  a cup of joe moment is when you have your favorite coffee shop drink in hand, you take a sip, and then BAM life is awesome!  lol

anyways, i always get a tall non-fat mocha with no whip and two equal.  and for my pastry i get one of the following: an old-fashioned glazed donut, a morning bun, or the cheese danish.  every morning i get breakfast there, it wakes me up and instantly puts me in a better mood.

i have also come very dependent on the instant coffee machine-- my mom's keurig.  i don't really know if i spelled that right but it's amazing for weekends and especially rushed sunday mornings.  my favorite is the mocha but the hot chocolates are pretty awesome as well, but i guess those aren't really classified as coffees.

the bottom line is... i have always been a coffee drinker but mainly just socially {haha}.  however, this semester has almost been the death of me and really coffee and starbucks breakfast has often been that little ray of sunshine that i could look forward to during the week.  it's sad i know and coffee isn't for everyone, but now i'm hooked and i doubt i will ever see the day when i won't want anymore coffee!


another thing that has been playing a role in my life lately is the wonderful art of crochet!  it all started when my friends, jessica tingle and kacie tingle teached me how to knot with flair... then this past october, i became obsessed with granny squares.  determined to force myself to do the project: i blew my paycheck on yarn, and said, "mackenzie, complete this afghan you will!"  so i had already spent the money and i had already devoted some time to learning the pattern for the granny squares and after my first couple of squares, i was off i have further developed my crocheting skills and have already started planning for my next projects!

as you can see, i'm not finished with this blanket, but this is the farthest i have ever gotten with a yarn work project this big!!! i'm excited and there is no stopping me!  and as the temperatures drop the quicker my hands move, so that i can actually get some use out of my creation before the season is over! so wish me luck, 63 down and 117 to go!!!


{comfy pants}
okay, so a pair of good ole' sweats are a must for winter!  everyone has their own favorite pair they like to curl up on the couch in!  mine are from my senior year in high school.  i was a manager for the high school wrestling team and every year we got a full suit of sweats with our teams name on them to where throughout the season.  these navy blue pair were and still are my favoritethey are HUGE {well they make me feel skinny at least lol} and they swallow methey have pockets and are oh so warm and fuzzy on the insides!  what else can a girl ask for!?! anyways they make me remember back to those good ole days and they keep me warm on cold nights!


these three "c" words have been on my mind lately and i just wanted to share them with you.  they are some of my favorite things that can i enjoy during the holiday season!

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