November 21, 2011

a scripture log that's easy to keep

this weekend i went to the youth conference Hearts on Fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  our youth group always has a lot of fun on this trip and i will be doing another post later on the trip and what happened there but for now i wanted to post about this nifty little idea that i had while i was down there.  even though i try so very hard not to be tempted to buy a new bible every time i go, i always seem to walk away with a new one from the book table.  they are usually at a pretty good price and i'm normally drawn to the unique and strange designs on the covers but this year i purchased a plain yellow one.  however, i intend to make it very unique.  let me explain:

{bible: $10;  scripture that i won't forget: priceless}

i'm going to write scriptures that i love ALL of over the front and back covers!  sometimes it's hard to remember verses and i hope that i can memorize these scriptures but if i can't they will always by there for me to look up.  my personal log will be on the covers & that's what will make my bible unique.    the great thing about scriptures is that they are so personal!  & anyone can do this DIY scripture log.  all you need is a leather bound bible and some sharpies!  right now i'm loving my bible and how it turned out, i know it will look even better when i get more scriptures on it!!  so it made me wonder, how do you remember scriptures and keep up with the ones that speak to your heart?? feel free to comment, i LOVE to hear from you!!  and like i said earlier there is more coming from hearts on fire, so stay tuned!!   :)

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