November 26, 2011


so this past wednesday i went to see a wonderful movie with my mom and my little sister, and yes, it was BREAKING DAWN!  we LOVE twilight!  my mom claims to be team jasper {even though she knows there is only a battle between jacob and edward lol}, i'm team edward, and even though my sister says she's switzerland i think she pulls for jacob but can come to terms with edward marrying bella {in short- she things he's attractive lol}.

ANYWAYS, i'm usually a pretty tough critic on the twilight movies just because the books were so good, but i understand the limitations of capturing the book in its entirety on film.  i have to say that each movie has progressively gotten better.  eclipse is still my personal favorite though.  it was my favorite book, and as of now, my favorite of the movies.  even when i was reading breaking dawn, when it came to the delightful surprise on the honeymoon, i was like "really? your going there, stephanie?"  but once i got into the second half of the book i thoroughly enjoyed it, which should be presented in part two of the films.  because breaking dawn was a tad of a stretch, i think that's why it felt like some of the scenes were a little cheesy, but it still was not bad AT ALL.  it was just a little weird seeing this part of the story on screen for the first time.

the second film is going to be epic.  and i am going to the midnight showing. {period} we will and forever shall be twi-hards.  i want stephanie to come out with some more to the story, but i know forced writing would NOT be good!!  so until the next movie, which will be a bitter sweet farewell, i think i will dedicate myself to reading the books again and awaiting part 1 on DVD.  

does anyone have any weird obsessive twilight stories?  i will admit that my room used to be filled with ALL of the cullen jewelry, my door was covered in black garbage bags, ticket stubs, and posters,  and yes, i owned an edward cullen cut out {life-size lol}.  these things have all been passed down to my sister {including the door, we had to trade lol}.  so, don't be ashamed, 'cause i've been there done that!! :)

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