November 22, 2011

quirks and craziness

so for this post i wanted to let you in on some more qualities of myself and why sometimes it's hard to be me {this however is not a sob post lol}.  sometimes the qualities of my personality don't allow me to get things accomplished due to the lack of time, some are just crazy little details that i pay attention to, some are pet-peeves, and some are just quirks.  so just bare with me and your allowed to laugh and relate to these but let me know if you do because some of these only my roommate knows!

1. i sing very loud and off key on purpose sometimes because i'm sick of hitting every note. {if you don't know me i'm seriously not trying to be arrogant-- AT ALL lol}

2. it bugs me when things get stuck to my feet, like pieces of plastic bag or crumbies.

3. i absolutely hate the faucets in bathrooms that require you to push them down while rinsing your hands off.  it's a never ending battle of lather, push, hurry & rinse, push-- anyways i get frustrated cause i never win this battle.  {a guy once told a group that this was his pet peeve and now it's one of mine}

4. i CAN NOT STAND my dirty kitchen, even though i never have time to clean it, oh my goodness it bugs me.

5. i love movies.  any movie. except for inappropriate ones with no point.  but any movie other than those mentioned are awesome.

6. politics are evil-- why can't we all just use a little common sense, not lie, and try to better the world?

7. i dislike religion-- don't get me wrong-- my God wants a relationship with me and you, not strictly ritual and knowledge-- it's more personal than that, but that's a different post entirely.

8. i sometimes let my imagination run wherever it wants to go.  sometimes this leads me to my prince charming and sometimes this makes me very paranoid. haha.

9. some of my favorite things are over 20 years old, making them vintage.

10. i like to be able to check things off a list.

11. i get very bored by sitting in classroom listening to someone speak.  i know i'm not the only one and i'm not trying to be rude, but my mind wonders WAY off the topic at hand to something more interesting to me.  {i'm sitting in my marketing class right now lol}

12. i don't like to be told i can't do something.  because i will and can.

13. i have a wide variety of hobbies and obsessions.  too many to list here.  :)

14. i like to distance myself from negative and intimidating personalities.  this isn't a good thing by the way.

15. i dream BIG.

16. i always have to be working on something. {i get this from my father}

17. i'm addicted to chap-stick.

18. i despise gum.  i mean you can chew it if you want but don't show me your chewed gum, it's gross. lol

19. i am detailed-oriented and almost a perfectionist.  this leads me to worry a lot about things, but it's only because i'm passionate and i care.  :)

20. i have stage confidence but in new social situations i start off quiet and lacking confidence until i get to know the people around me.  this is really annoying by the way.  i don't understand how i can get up in front of people and be loud and fun but when i start off with new people in a more personal setting i can't just be the confident stage me.  this is a puzzler.

so these are just some more qualities of my personality.  i'm sure i've left some out, but i thought 20 was plenty.  what about you? can you relate to any of mine? what are some of your weirdest quirks?  i really want to know!  so fill me in with some comments below!

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