November 24, 2011


so today is thanksgiving and it's been wonderful!! i mean, turkey, stuffing, noodles, biscuits, ham, cheese, mash potatoes, GRAVY & PIE!! need i say more?

but on a more serious note: like many people in this world today, i take for granted blessings that i receive every single day.  things that give me happiness and things that bring me joy and things that allow me to be me.  i think thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on these things and be thankful for them.  so this is my thankfuls list!

-1- a hero and savior
-2- family
-3- laughter {giggles, the silent laughter that leads to tears, chuckles, snorts, and even fake laughter}
-4- good food
-5- friends
-6- a place to call home
-7- a four legged friend
-8- unconditional love
-9- talents
-10- creativeness
-11- blogs
-12- boldness
-13- dreams
-14- fashion
-15- hope
-16- the future
-17- compassion
-18- life altering moments
-19- my education
-20- movies
-21- journals
-22- music
-23- my camera
-24- christmas decorations
-25- country living
-26- purses!
-27- light {sunlight, candlelight, starlight...}
-28- SHOES
-29- starbucks
-30- nature
-31- owls
-32- vintage lovelies
-33- etsy
-34- a job
-35- warm and fuzzy clothing
-36- days of relaxation
-37- technology {cell phones, my laptop, etc.}
-38- DIY projects
-39- piped water
-40- Pinterest {if you don't know what this is, i need to talk to you lol}

like i said earlier i could go on and on, but these are just a few things that i am thankful for!  everyone can come up with their own never ending list too.  we all have thankfuls! so this thanksgiving what are you thankful for?

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