April 30, 2012

life according to my iPhone

hole-y TOMS & caramel cake
my sister has an iPhone & i have a new case!!
spring pattern & more pattern
blade warp-age & album artwork
devo time & work hair
more air time & more TOMS
in home barista: i love you mom!! & sweats + smart glasses = the start of finals week!!


  1. Basically I could go through this entire set of pictures and go... love that one, love that one, love that one too, love that, etc. So cute that you wore your glasses to your final! I wish I was that brave and because I wouldn't really have to wear eye make up if I did that! Haha.

  2. lol thanks jess!! i actually took them off before i went to my exam but i did wear them driving up to the exam!! but i wish i could be a little braver so i wouldn't have to wear eye make-up either!!! lol :)