April 5, 2012

awkward & awesome: new orleans edition

- waiting in line for tickets
- being trampled when there is mass confusion amongst college students
- not knowing how to pronounce "andouille"
- street entertainers using you in their act
- when you realize everyone around you has been intoxicated since oh about 8:30 in the morning
- long distance road trips
- awful hotel service
- that moment when you greet your trash talking adversary after you win the game
- a full folk band playing live in Hardee's?

- watching Anthony Davis play the game of a lifetime!
- eating beignets and cajun food
- the french quarter
- 1850's style houses
- watching the wildcats bring home the 8th NCAA tournament championship
- street cars
- the artist's square
- ferry rides
- spending time with friends
- NOT being in lexington when the couches were lit and the cars were overturned

i spent the weekend in New Orleans so more pictures are coming soon!!

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