April 11, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #4

so i was doing my devotional last week about prayer & the verse was "pray continually."  i thought," well that was kind of lame and uneventful" so i clicked the "read entire passage" button & found verse gold!! i made this little picture above & i love it so much i've decide to either print this out or paint these verses on something!!  this is how i should live!

anyways about prayer...

Joyce Meyer is brilliant.  i needed a reminder about what it means to pray continually.  praying doesn't have to be a formal thing!!  when i was a freshman in college, i remember before i would walk out the door i would whisper a prayer for safety.  i know it doesn't sound like much, but it not only let God know that i was worried but it reminded me that everything was okay because the big guy upstairs was looking after me!

i challenge you to pray continually!!!  it helps... A LOT!!

grace. peace. & have a prayer filled wednesday!!

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