May 10, 2012


- waking in a hurry and then you run up on a slow poke, then that awkward moment when they look behind themselves as if you are following them... your eyes meet and your eyes say: no you are just slow
- being crammed under a desk trying to fix computer hardware in a dress, then asking myself can it possibly get worse...  needless to say i was hidden and crammed under that desk by office staff after a patient came to check out... my line of sight was either inappropriate or claustrophobic... awkward
- trying to have a simple photo shoot while people stare at you like you are a celebrity haha!!
- picking the only seat in the classroom that has a desk tall enough that it should require a bar stool, but then not changing your seat because you sat there the first day of class and now you are glued to that seat
- looking at a customer and saying,"see yah later!" when they haven't placed an order yet
- suggestive selling, the new cookies at Chick-fil-a are amazing btw!!!
- your teacher being really nervous and knocking his water bottle over sending it crashing to the floor and then the apologies that follow for the next 5 minutes... poor guy
- feeling like a sign is tied around my neck that screams,"harass me now please!"... do guys really get girls by yelling at them from a moving car??

- two A's and two B's for last semester!! hoohah!
- my friends jessica and katie graduating!! i'm jealous, but congrats girlies!!!
- the avengers movie!! i'm still in awe of the sheer genius of this movie! go see it right now!
- actually having free time!!! house cleaning, project making, and ab cutting here i come!!
- new songs, practicing with the Josh Martin Band, and figuring out garage band!!! if anyone knows a christian recording studio that is looking for artists, i could really see myself doing this for the rest of my life!!
- music video ideas... they need an outlet... i'm casting now lol


  1. 1. Getting behind the slow poke...totally always happened to me on my way to class! And when I wore heels or boots I would kind of clomp them loud so they would know I was walking at a faster pace than them and quickly approaching, haha.
    2. The picking a seat thing...yes, been there. In B&E somehow I always sat at one of the swivel chairs that was so connected to the one beside it than when one of you moved, the other person did too. And that awkward moment when you forget and try to scoot closer to your desk and then end up pushing their chair backwards. And even more awkward when the two of you pretend it didn't happen? Yeah. Been there.
    3. Congrats on your grades! You will be graduating one day! At least you can know now that you are half done and you only have to endure the same amount that you've already endured (even though I'm sure that seems like a lot, haha)
    4. The Avengers movie...cannot say enough good about it. That was one of those where everyone was clapping at the end! Did you know it beat Harry Potter out of first place for highest sales in the first weekend? That means it beat not only HP but Twilight and The Hunger Games too! That some serious geektastic movie! :)
    5. Free time! House cleaning! Project making! Ab cutting! ME TOO! :)
    6. And YAY for all your music making and video inspiration! Cast me! Cast me! lol

    Um, and can I add to your awkward...taking photos and all of a sudden a guy comes riding down the street with a lampshade & flowers on his head. And says hi when we try to snap a picture. That, is awkward. :)

  2. OMG it makes me smile that you can relate to all of those awkward and awesomes!! lol

    The Avengers movie definitely deserves the title.
    I need to focus more on the ab cutting ;)
    I will totally cast you, although i feel like you would have the eye for the shots i want, we may have to flip flop :D
    & the lamp shade guy was totally awkward especially when i was squinting to see what was actually on top of his head!! lol