May 24, 2012

a & a

- walking up the wrong side of the steps so you won't flash the guys beneath you when wearing a skirt to class
- leaving your window down in the car wash and then getting caught by the towel dryer,"you get wet hun?", "why yes i did!"
- getting hit on by not one but two elderly men out for a drive to the gas station
- telling someone you don't know them... sorry but no :)
- just now finding out about pandora... seems legit, downloading the app for that right now!
- the awkward hug or handshake moment
- calling long lists of people to remind them of their appointments... leaving messages is not my strong suit
- photos of my singing face lol

- the first gig of the season!! i was blessed and i'm sure others were too!
- almost being done with my first blanket!
- that logo game for the iphone haha
- 10 o'clock cleaning spree after working 7 hours and being awake since 8 am
- finding cute clothes!
- this amazing new cracker recipe i just now found out about!! will post soon if i ever make them!
- figuring out more and more braids!! in another life i probably would have wanted to be hair dresser lol


  1. love everything here. sounds like you had a very awkward yet totally awesome week! :)

  2. I am so jealous that you can sing AND play guitar!! So happy to have stumbled across your cute little blog :)

    xo Shane