May 8, 2012

geek & chic

well i know i'm at least one of them!

- super heroes are real -
super heroes are my favorites. the first super hero crush i ever had was on batman. and then chris evans had to go and star in captain america!!! anyways, i love pairing these shirts with my coral jeans!! and what can i say, the pens were at target for 4 bucks and the moving was epic, so i definitely spent the only 4 bucks i had left to my name! ;)

- spock & science fiction-
do you get it? if you do, me and you just became best friends. star trek was one of my dad's favorite and so we have all the episodes on dvd and all the movies on vhs. naturally i followed in his footsteps. i ended up getting this shirt from Hot Topic {the best place for geek & pop culture paraphernalia}! i also enjoy sci-fi classics: alien, predator, star wars, lost in space, weird science, etc.

- obsessive tendencies -
go big or go home. if there is a movie out that i have been dying to see, i have been known to put my name down for the in theater standee advertisements {i've only scored one & it was abduction's, but now my family has a larger than life taylor lautner & the only way you can beat that is with a larger than life leonard nimoy ;) }. i buy dvds just to complete my collection of the epic saga: twilight, harry potter, underworld, resident evil, the complete series of friends, etc. i have no shame in playing dress up, have you seen my avatar costume? it's for sure gonna be appearing at the 2013 midnight showing of Avatar 2. i'm sure there are more examples but must i go on?

- the prop glasses -
i have 20/20 vision and yet i long to wear glasses! i have like 5 pair of prop glasses that have accumulated through the years. i sincerely believe they make you smarter & i don't want to be left out, haha! these glasses make numerous appearances in photo shoots because i'm too self-conscious to wear them in public.

well have a wonderful tuesday guys!! 


  1. NERD! I love that you are a geek! My husband deemed me a geek a few months ago, and I am now coming to terms with it :)

  2. lol i think it's a good thing!! haha i'm glad i'm not alone!!