May 23, 2012

wordy wednesday: entry #10


one of the many things i struggle with is scheduling my life.  i know i pull a lot of these wordy wednesday posts from my devotional but they do a pretty good job of convicting me.  last summer, i had set a goal of coming up with enough songs to put a demo together.  but i struggled with over-committing myself.  this person wants me to be here on this date, i work this day but i get off at this time and i could probably squeeze in a couple hours here for them.  i was doing this for everyone who wanted me to do something for them because i am a people pleaser and pretty soon i was mad that i didn't have any time to do what i thought i needed to be doing with my time.  but see i'm the one that makes the schedule.  my demo didn't happen because of me.  i can't say "yes" to everyone.  i have to be able to pick and choose what God wants me to do at that time.

so last night's devotional, Joyce Meyer stated, "God showed me that i had to discipline myself in order to simplify my life."  and i was like, um hello? yea, i can relate!!  but how do you discipline yourself??  and then the next paragraph told me to listen to the Holy Spirit and He will guide you to make commitments and to reject some so that you can have a peaceful life.  God didn't want us to live for Him in a stressful, no break life, where you can't hardly breath and barely have time to think.  but if you discipline yourself to make some tough calls, you can live the life God wants you to live.

" we do not enjoy being disciplined.  it is painful at the time, but later, after we have learned from it, we have peace, because we start living the right way."
- Hebrews 12:11

this is going to be hard but i'm going to try it out this time around! 
happy wordy wednesday guys!!


  1. So sweet! I'm so sorry you had to endure such a stressful time and were taken away from the one thing you really needed to be doing! I hope this summer is better for you! And I'm kinda sorry for everything I asked you to do with my wedding! I know that only added to your stress level even if you did do a fabulous job I know now it was keeping you from other important things! Life gets so demanding at times but it's definitely important to remember where our priorities are, and that is with God's will! I really hope you are able to get a demo out soon! Praying for you!

  2. Jess i never want you to think that i stressed about your wedding!!! I ENJOYED EVERY PART OF IT!! it's just there were other less important things that i took on just because i always had in the past, year after year, i think you get the drift haha. that was where time was wasted!! :) don't ever think that i regret even one second of the the time i spent on stuff for you and your wedding!! i wouldn't mind it happening again this summer actually!! 1 year anniversary? just renew your vows, i think i can still fit in the dress!!! lol ;)