May 14, 2012

happy mother's day!

a special post for a special mother who needs to have some bragging done on her!
my mom is more than a mother.
she is my best friend.
she is a roe model.
she cleans cuts, and kisses bruises.
she is an encourager: "Did you hear me mom?" "Yeap, keep practicing."  lol ;)
she really is the cool mom.
she and i hold the most inside jokes.
she is a visionary.
she is a positive spirit.
she is the enforcer of the house, sorry dad you know it's true ;).
she understands... most of the time.
she introduced me to hairspray... which is VERY important!
she is usually behind the camera, but i love it when i get her on film.
she is the kind of person that will trade you shoes if yours are hurting you really bad!
she will make every day brighter.
she loves to giving to others.
she loves to be a hostess.
she is my right wing dress shopper. 
she is the mower of the lawn.
she is a shop till you dropper.
she is my cleaning fairy.
she is who my lunch is scheduled with every wednesday.
she is the spell checking wizard and will always be the person i turn to to proof my papers before i submit them.
she is queen of the kitchen... well queen of everything. ;)
she is one of a kind.
she is amazing.

i love you mom & if i'm half the mom you are someday, i think i'll be doing pretty spectacular!  thanks for all that you do, even though i don't get around to telling you sometimes!


  1. This is so sweet! You're mom is hilarious! You are so right about the positive spirit thing! That is definitely something she spreads often!! :)

  2. AWWW, this is so sweet! Thank you, Boo. Lov you!

  3. for all of those who don't know, my mother calls me "boo" lol... i love you to mom!! :)