June 1, 2012

a&a: one week later...

so this is my 100th post! i was trying to make some big special post but that didn't happen, and i can't stand my lack of posting any longer!! a lot has happened since my last post and what better way to fill you in than to do it a & a style ...

- wearing rain boots on sunny days and flip flops on rainy days
- having to sleep in the same room as one of your parents after watching "the woman in black"... daniel radcliff you rock, but mean scary ghost people, not so much
- shopping for guitars... i think most of the guys go in the acoustic room just to show off how they can play... could you all shut up for a second, i've got to embarrass myself by just playing a couple of chords, thanks!
- talking in class... i don't know why but it just is awkward
- finding out your 7x5 blanket is a 6x6 because you can't count
- also finding out that when your co-workers wake up and check their facebook pages, they all seem to find your instagram pics on the top of their newsfeeds because you post from there so much

- if you know someone who has served in the military, my hat is off to them! what they do is so important and i appreciate them! so, happy belated memorial day! i hope you had some sort of good home cookin' and lots of yummy treats! :)
- new amp, new guitar, new music corner! i want to stay there all day!
- a photo shoot with friends!
- becoming more versatile at work, i'm no longer just a pretty face at the front counter, i now wash dishes and fix food!!
- braids on the brain!! i think every single day last week my hair contained at least one braid!
- chris hemsworth... his existence is further evidence for creation being the start of the universe.  no amount of slime junk and chance could create that face and body... only God, friend, only God.
- last week of this finance class!!! one more test, one day off, then online music class!! woohoo!

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