June 4, 2012

music {studio} dreaming

so awhile back my friend jessica and i were discussing studio spaces.   and um, i'm not gonna lie, i LOVE the idea of going someplace to just be creative.   i'm the kind of person who has a place for each activity.  when i'm on campus, i only feel like doing school work, so i will wake up early and go sit in starbuck's on campus just to get homework/studying done.  or when i'm in bed, it's crochet time.  when i'm on the couch, i'm there to relax by watching tv or reading a book or blogging.  it may seem silly but i feel like i would be SO much more productive, if i had a spot just for me to do my music thang.

with the purchase of some new equipment, i took it straight home and was inspired to re-arranged my parents' basement.  the vote isn't in on whether or not they like it but this make-shift corner studio made me feel so much better.   everything is going to be in one place & organized.

getting the goodies home & what i've got so far



my studio is far from complete but one day i hope to have my own or at least share {jessica... cough, cough} a studio with a good friend that will get me out of the basement.

big accents, lots of windows, & industrial touches

plenty of string lights, diy decor, & personal touches

word walls that inspire

jessica and i started a pin board for all of our studio dreams and inspirations! you can see the rest of the pins here!
happy monday! dream big always!

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