June 8, 2012

friday thoughts

- man, i forgot how much i loved pride & prejudice... after this one?  i think i may try another jane austen novel.
- why oh why must i work 1pm to 10pm on a saturday?... i guess someone has to though.
- my grandmother is at my house after just getting out of the hospital... Lord please help me and don't let her focus on the mess in my room too much! ;)
- i am WAY too anxious about this online class... i'm motivated to work, work, work but there is no assignment yet.
- a new indian place opened up in the mall two stores down from us and i think they may have plotted to kill every customer they have by serving a special hot sauce... i tried some today & it was HAWT!  i mean i was crying it was so hot!
- why can't weekends run: friday, saturday, sunday, monday?  i mean who was the genius that thought up this whole work week thingy?
- i have so many journals begging me to write in them it's ridiculous!
- snow white & the huntsman was legit... i may just go back again to see it!
- their is a 12 ft chris hemsworth huntsman back at my house that is waiting for me to find him a new home... that's right, i totally got the movie standee {check out the rest of my obsessive tendencies}
- one day i'm going to wake up, go running, take a shower, pull on some sweats, get me some coffee, sit on the front porch & read
- dear computer documents, downloads, and all media files... organize yourselves please!!

here are some thoughts for the weekend guys!


  1. Haha, so many of these made me smile! I LOVE Jane Austen. Best thing I learned in high school was that I loved her books! :) And can I just second the comment about the four day weekend? And I have so many journals that need some ink! Fill 'em up! And I wish I could second the comment about Snow White and the Huntsman but I haven't seen it yet :( And I would also love for my computer files to organize themselves. I love your dreamworld Mackenzie! heehee

  2. Oh my gosh you are adorable! I love those pictures below of you and the camera and making quirky faces. So much fun! I think I need to re read pride and prejudice. I read it when I was in high school and thought the whole thing was crap but I hear it's actually relaly witty and funny if you look into it. Hmm... maybe time to give Austen another chance.

    new follower :)

  3. thanks!! and definitely give her another chance. i tried to read it in high school too, after watching the movie {with keira knightly} and i couldn't get past the language. but now that i understand, i thoroughly enjoy the book better :)

    thanks for following!!