June 7, 2012

awkward & awesome

- windows down, jammin' to your music & then having a woman give you an evil glare while she rolls  her window up
- having the entire class bombard your poor nervous teacher with the proposition of dropping the lowest exam score when clearly he specified that no exam scores would be dropped in the syllabus... do you build up the teacher by saying, "hello? i did all the work and you all should suffer because you didn't!" and then become the most hated person in class or do you just wallow in his self doubt?  i chose the ladder, and felt only a little bad :/
- online classes... bought the books today... this should be interesting
- getting lost in, what seems like, an infinite loop in a parking garage
- the long pause and stares that come after asking the person at starbuck's to "surprise me" on your drink order for a friend

- no class (except for online but does that really count?).  no work sleeping in! now it's just shopping & visiting my grandmother in the hospital
- the penguin classics cloth bound editions!  just bought my first one, and it has inspired me to read more of them!  vintage look + old english language = me reading for fun
- sleep overs with the sis
- the lord of the rings... i have no clue what is going on at some points but i just take it in & want more... i'm watching the final one this weekend!
- applied for a parking permit... public transportation to class, i bid you farewell!
- flyleaf... 'nough said
- new pictures!  thanks jess! photoshoots are SO much fun!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for permit parking and no more buses! That was seriously one of the best decisions I ever made! Haha.
    Your poor teacher! I hate when things like that happen! Yay for you that you have no class and work! Makes me wish I didn't work summers during college just to be able to have that precious free time that I now miss.