June 13, 2012


photo by Jessica Tingle
... life gets in the way of blogging about life
... you feel that no matter what your paycheck says, there is no amount that could repay for what you just did
... your day off from work becomes a planned mini stay-cation
... relaxation is best described as caramel cake, chocolate ganache ice cream & the bachelorette
... you get wonderful new comments & wonderful new followers
... you struggle to finish the book your on but you continue to add to, a now, epic reading list
... you are tired but have absolutely no intention of going to bed
... you look into your future and think of the house of your dreams but then take a look around and figure out that it's never going to be that simple
... the front of your textbook can make you motivated to do work {mine has a beautiful owl}
... you wonder if you have one of those positive personalities that gets on people's nerves or if you genuinely brighten their day
... awkward situations cannot be avoided
... you go into a store looking for the clearance racks & you still come out with four pieces of clothing that cost you $67
... you get caught up on your want list that your needs list becomes a blur
... you face set backs & all you can do is work through them


  1. All of these are soo majorly true! (: Stumbled upon your blog and it's too adorable! Wish you the best! New follower!


  2. Yeah, the awkwardness cannot be avoided. But that makes it more fun, right :)
    I have definitely been feeling the weight of realizing the future is just not that simple. And a heavy work load. But I guess it's all in a matter of teaching us something, everything happens for a reason even if it is beyond all our understanding. Hope the set back doesn't get you down! Chin up, buttercup! :)