June 24, 2012

a much needed rest & vacation

{me and the beach have a love/hate relationship lol}
hey guys! i know that i've been a little absent recently. but while juggling between a couple of jobs, working some l-o-n-g shifts, my online class work, and such, i've been trying to pack for this years youth camp.

the pic from above was from last years camp.  we had such a good time, and it was somehow relaxing and renewing.  that's why i'm looking forward to it soo much! i'm hoping it's going to be a retreat for me again this year.   i want to put as many distractions out of my mind and put more of God in it.

and with it being a retreat & all, i can only allow myself to dedicate my online time to my music class this upcoming week.   but hopefully the blog silence will pay off and i will come to the table refreshed next week with some inspiring things.  i've been so motivated to be creative lately! haha.

anyways, i'm going with my youth group from Providence and i just love every single one of those kids! prayers are always lovely.   i'll be praying for:
- all of our drivers: i'm one of them!
- 2 AM tomorrow morning? sure why not.
- that tropical storm in the Gulf: PLEASE do not turn into a hurricane
- my homesickness: i'll miss my family & other friends
- my devotional time: i loved it last time and i REALLY want to pick up that habit again!
- our group of kids & for me to somehow know what to say when tough questions are asked
- and finally: an experience that will change hearts, including my own!

have a wonderful week! i'll talk to you soon!! 


  1. Hope this week definitely leaves you refreshed and renewed! It's such a good feeling to get away from everything and just enjoy the things that really matter. Hope you all have a safe trip and we will definitely be praying for you!

  2. I hope you're having an absolutely fabulous week. It's definitely good to take a little break every now and then. :)